Can B&W Nautilus accept spades? Or Bananas only?

I was at the B&W dealer in town and they insisted that the Nautilus cannot be ordered with spade posts (my 602 S2 has spade posts). They say that only banana plugs can be used on the Nautilus and that I should reterminate my Transparent Super XLs to banana plugs if I want to get a set of Nautilus.

That sounds kind of weird. Can I order the Nautilus with spade posts, or will I have to reterminate my cables?

Thanks all!
The Nautilus line accepts both.

They all use WBT binding posts that have plastic inscerts that can be removed if you desire bananas
They can take spades or bananas. Your dealer might be clueless.
What he may not know is that I believe they take 5/8 inch spades which is the European standard. The typical 1/2 inch spade is too narrow unless you bend them out.
He may have tried to use 1/2 spades and when they did not fit, he assumed they would not take spades.
I have a pair of Nautilus 804s and I am running Monster M2.2s cables to them. They have a spade connection and I have no problems. It is one of the largest spades I have ever seen (not the spades pictured on their web site), and they fit just fine.
I say find another dealer if you can, if they do not know that one of their main speaker lines, B&W speakers, accept spades, bananas and bare wire, then I would not want to give them my 1700-10000 dollars. Remember when buying from a dealer, you are not only paying for the product but their expertise as well and it seems that this dealer does not have it. Good luck.
Thanks for the info! I figured that was the case.

By the way, the dealer started carrying B&W about a year ago, despite that, I would think that they would know that you can option any binding post you want!

However, they have these annual sales and I was sorely tempted this Xmas, but didn't buy due to the "inability to accept spades". Their N802 was $7300 and the N804 was $3300.

I'm using Analysis Plus Oval 9 biwire on my N804s and they have the big T1 spades. Good wires , monster spades.

Your dealer is just wrong. All Nautilus speakers accept spades, as well as bananas or bare wire. I've used all three on my N803's.

In fact, the jumpers B&W includes for non-biwire setups actually come with spades on one end! You can see a diagram in the owner's manual, which is available on B&W's site at the address below. Buy 'em and enjoy!
Hi Every one
I do have B&W N 805 speakers.I just bought Zu audio Mission speakers cable.(It is single wire not biwire(Zu audio not making biwire speakers cable).I want buying Zu audio IBIS jumber cable for biwire.I saw on back of speakers have plastic guard on binding question is if I buy Zu ibis jumper with 5/16 spades will fit it?I saw1/2 spades is too narrow can"t fit it.any opion? Should I buying biwire cable or Zu Mission speakers cable + Zu IBIS jumber ?whhich way is produce the best sound stages?