Can Aurender Dance With The Empirical Audio Overdrive SE?

I have an Aurender X100L music player and would like to know if it can be used with the Empirical Audio Overdrive SE DAC. I would love to try the Overdrive, but I need to know if the Aurender is compatible. I really like it and do not want to go back to a PC as my music server.

I'll send a message to Steve Nugent, but thought it likely that someone here would know. Thanks in advance.
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My Aurender N10 Music Server connects perfectly to my Bricasti M1 SE DAC. I am using the Wireworld Cable Technology's Platinum Starlight 7 USB A to B. My assumption is your Aurender X100L should also connect to the Empirical Audio Overdrive SE DAC.  However, to confirm this, I suggest you email Aurender Customer Support and ask them. Their email address is:

[email protected]

What makes you think your Aurender X100L will not connect to the Empirical Audio Overdrive SE DAC?  Has Steve Nugent responded to your email?  Assuming yes, what did he say?   Please keep us posted. 

The Aurender X100L is used for playing and storing high resolution digital music collections for those who OWN QUALITY USB DAC's.  The Aurender has a dedicated USB Audio Class 2.0 output with proprietary power circuitry.

The Empirical Audio Overdrive SE DAC has three digital inputs, USB, S/PDIF Coax and I2S.   This means it accepts USB as an input.

The Aurender X100L should work fine with the Empirical Audio Overdrive SE DAC.   This needs to be confirmed so we need to hear from Aurender and Steve Nugent.   I can think of no reason why this combination will not work but it must be confirmed.   I will send an email to my Aurender contact and will post his response. 

I have contacted Steve and the folks at Aurender, and after some initial uncertainty, it appears that there will be no problem using them together. In fact, one member here used another Aurender model with his Overdrive SE with great success, in his words.