Can audiohile be done on the porch

Porch Crap

My porch system has seen more crap pass by than most indoor systems.

On the porch I run multi-channel. I play stereo here, but for years, with a mixed up approach. The sound has been good and always improving. can/should one use multi-speakers? if inside, why not on the porch

My porch system has changed (upgraded?) over time.
It started with K- 5.1 speakers nailed to the Adirondack chair.
Then came the best $$ out door speakers and a BOSE amp to pull them. Yes, BOSE makes amps and good ones, but hooking to them is a pain in the ass. Let me know if you want to buy one, and by the way, after testing, go with POLK outdoor speakers.
Sherbourne is sorta an early CARVER amp. I bought one for the porch. that made no sense but was tired of powered speakers. It was heavy, got hot and kicked ass like all the early Carvers do. Could that survive out doors in SC?

Many speakers and amps have played here on my porch. Most did good. All were different.
I dialed in better and better sound over years.
Can a porch system approach an indoor system?
Am I shy to audition to mine to you or anyone -- NO.

Any thoughts?

I suggest a roof over you porch for extended listenings. Your brain is baked like a potato HA :) Seriously, an outdoor porch system is a great idea, particularly in a nice warm climate as you have in SC. Good music and fresh air!
When all else fails, there is therapy available.
I take my system to the beach!!
I have a swimming pool and last summer we had a system set up.
After killing or injuring several old receivers/amps and probably doing in a set of good speakers I am going to be more careful this year. Outdoor speakers and electronics in the shade. Won't get fooled again. RIP my 1972 Sansui receiver. Thankfully the Denon lived to fight another day.
Absolutely. Just one wall behind speakers can work wonders acoustically if the amp and speakers are up to it.
I'm sure you can get very respectable sound on the porch. They did it in The Jerk with a live band.
Please consider that your neighbors may not want to hear your music.
I play a system on the porch throughout the summer. Keep in the shade, away from pool. Sounds great with speakers in the open. It is not a permanent setup and is positioned each time.
One of my neighbors insisted on playing public radio plays loudly at their pool oblivious to the possibility that no one else wanted to hear their taste in entertainment. A side of Black Sabbath Sabotage through a Vox AC30 got my point across.
Noromance, you are right that one need to consider ones neighbors. I live in the country, still must understand that sound travels. You sabbathtaged your adversary. Nicely done.
My tree house system is approaching $30k and the sound is getting very good. Only problem is the McIntosh meters attract mosquitoes.