Can Audio Physics be run on low power tubes?

Saw a seller of Padua's said that he used SET's to fire his Padua's to good effect.But I find many folks told me that I could run a pair of speakers with SET and it was a wash out.The ad seemed to imply that the non-Ring Radiator tweeter was easier to drive than RR model.Still can't figure out why AP who keep speakers in thier line up once introduced (instead of some companies that have a new-gewhiz-banglatest and greatest every two years) but dumped the Padua pretty quick out of their line.

Considered opinion I have collected is the Spark and Virgo were best models.Tempo's I am told need to be run loud to open up.I had a pair of Spark III's for a few weeks geting them for a freind and thought they were great especially with ability to give good dynamics even at low volume levels something again I am told the Tempo will not do as well.For me it would be tough to even think about the Scorpio given what a used pair of Virgo's cost but I guess for many (including me) space has to be a consideration.But I digress.Tubes and AP's anyone?
Tubes in general sound fantastic w/ them .
I've tried SETs (7 watt 300b) w/ the virgo II and found that this just wouldn't work.
The lowest wattage I've tried is an old 30 watt triode amp from ARC(classic 30) that produced a well defined 3D soundstage and was very musical. A friend of mine uses his Virgos w/ a push pull 300b(VAC 30/30) and the results are very good. I'd be intersted in hearing if anyone has used the Virgos w/ an 845 based amp and what were the results.
I used to use Virgo II's with a BAT VK 60. 60 watts per side. It was super. Amazing system. I have Watt Puppies now...but those Virgo's were a special speaker...
I was very impressed by the virgo II's with a Music Reference 200 I think it was.
A friend of mine wich has the VirgosIII, used to have a 30W Audiomat Opera. It was good in some aspect, but bass control was a problem. Because of this problem he changed is amp to a new 90W Audiomat Récital. Now he's happy.
As the A'goners above wrote the Tempo 3 like the volume up, with a good amp to put them under control.
Wish I had never sold my Mesa Baron.Had the basic 6L6 tube set up that factory said sounded better but should have kept it for the tri-tube mod so I could run EL34.KT88 amd maybe 6550's.Would go EL34 for bettermid polus with 12 tubes KT88 tjough might have gotten better bass would be expensive.Was cool though.You could switch it on the fly" from 120 watt full pentode in tirds fro 90 watts or 60 in full triode.Therefore you could tailor sound for material being listened to.I have sold dozens of pieces I have owned but think I regret putting not storing it away and selling more than any other.Current 94 db speaker semi horn Odeon Tosca's work fine with EL34 based EAR 34 40 watts and probaly would with the Sparks or Virgo's but with I atill had that Mesa.At $1500 to $2K hard to beatr and even if i get a hard to drive speaker it would modt likely work with just about all comers.Perhaps I sell the EAR (my second favorite piece) if I go with a second system and try a 2A3 with Omega's or Cain and Cain Abby's.Other wise whatever I get for bedroom/office will work fine with it.Sometimes think about the hybrids like the Pathos but would need to go head to head and another question.Just wondering how low you can go with ZAP's.Got an 845 with a pair of 90db B&W's anbd it was a painfull lesson.20 watts just couldn't do it.
Thanks much
i`m using a 30w pp tube amp into virgo 2`s. No problems at all with bass, and the midrange is sublime.
I got them off a guy who was running high power classé ss amps into them, but they sound better via the tube amp, with a far bigger, deeper soundstage.
Also , there`s a guy i know who uses an 8 watt minimax amp into avantis with no problems.
The audio Physics have a flat impedence curve, which poses less of a problem with amps.
Forgot to add, even at very low volumes, the virgo 2 keeps all the detail and space intact. You don`t need to crank it up to get the best sound, A very even performance, at low and high levels.
I'm running Paduas with a Dared 845 based integrated. While I don't have that ultimate dyanmic impact, this combination is a very musical and satisfying one. I see other Dared 845 integrateds out here and I can't understand why they seem to sit unsold. I've been in this hobby for over 20 years now and believe me I've thrown a lot more money at systems that don't even come close to sounding as good as the Dared and the PAdua RR's. The stage is huge, the inner detail is amazing, the mid-range is liquid, and the bass is adequate, not earth shattering but more than acceptable.

I agree with you whole heartedly. I purchased a Dared 845 3 days ago from a fellow Audiogoner. I ran home and hooked it up and was floored. I have owned/still own an ASL1003DT, Cayin TA-30, and TAD-60 and have never gotten the true musical sound of the Dared. Don't get me wrong, the others are all wonderful sounding and I am very happy with them but the dared went to another level. For roughly the same price as the others the Dared is more musical. Some can argue build quality or other points but at the end of the day when you are sitting in the chair and enjoying a beverage and a song the Dared will put a smile on your face (and budget).

Chazzbo, Audio Physic Tempo's sound fine at lower volumes. I have a pair (the original Tempo's).

They also sound fine with tubes. I'm currently using them with a Music Reference RM-200 and an Audio Research VT-100 Mk2, but prior to that I drove them very well with Audio Valve ppp45's and a Jolida 302b. The Jolida was pushing it from a power perspective, but actually sounded quite nice.

In general, I've found the Tempo's to actually sound better with tubes than SS. I can't speak for other Audio Physic models, but can attest to that combination.

Chazz, regardless of the sensitivity, B&W is generally not a tube friendly load due to being a fairly highly reactive speaker. mucho phase will take the starch out of most amps.....