Can ARC Reference Phono handle my Cartridge

Is there anyone who could help me?
I have a VdH Colibrì XGW with 0,65 mV and 500 Ohm optimal load impedence.
I understand that REFERENCE Phono from ARC can handle till 200Ohm. Is that true or is it referred only to the outpout level of the transformers?

Is it possible to modify the ARC REF. with the well known resistors in irder to make it compatible with a 500 Ohm load impedence of the cartridge?

Thanks a lot.
I think the answer to your second question is yes. ARC's website states that, if you order new, they will put in the resistors you want (their default setting is 47kohms--I don't know what the 200 Ohm figure you're referring to relates to or comes from), and they will supply resistors and solder with the unit as well, so if you're buying used you should have those available to play with. The best thing for you to do is to call ARC, they have excellent customer service and were always helpful to me when I would call them in the past.
The simple answer is yes. The ARC Ref. has two inputs, one is high gain that includes a step up transformer (200 ohm) the other is low gain w/o tranformer (47k). They can be changed either by the factory or by the local dealer to different values.