Can anyone tell me what happened?

To "Paragon Acoustics Inc."

I know they are out of business but need to know more about them. Does anyone here have "any" info regarding this Company?

Searching the web did not yield much of anything useful. I'm looking for old sales/product brochures, reviews of any speaker in their line-up, names of stores that sold Paragon's, knows anyone with Paragon's or that worked at Paragon Acoustics that could share some insight.

It's all about the music they produce to me!!! I'm looking to you all for help.

your not going to find out much on the internet other than a few owners comments. the speaker that first came to my attention was the jubilee. this is a two way monitor type with dynaudio speakers. lead lined cabinet. sealed cross over. bass shy but otherwise very neutral and revealing. the speaker which got some reviews in stereophile and a couple other of mags was the regent. this is a floor standing with dynaudio tweeter and two mid sized speakers, one quasi dedicated to the bass. it enjoyed an excellent reputation with some audiophiles and reviewers. it is also lead lined and has a sealed cross over. it was also a neutral and revealing speaker. martin collums in stereophile said it didn't image as well as he'd like but gave it a b rating. paragon then added a woofer the the jubilee, called the jem. if you've checked audioasylum and here you've seen my comments. after getting my speakers i lost interest in further inquiry. i think the designer was a man named hansoo kim. i purchased these thru sound quest audio which i believe was in michigan. good luck.
I believe the Regent ? ( a D'appolito configured floorstander w/ some weird "hourglass" cuts to minimize diffraction around the tweeter) was reviewed in a stereophile issue from the early 90's and also on the recommended components list somewhere. They were $3,200 msrp?? Didn't they have the Jubilee too? a little bookshelfer.
Thanks Newbee & Ez,
You're on the mark Ezmeralda11 about the hour-glass shape and MTM arrangement of the Dynaudio drivers with a 1994 price tag of $3200. Dug through several boxes of old Stereophile mags until finding an early 94 review of the Regents. I've owned a pair of Regents for about 5 months now and will not part with these!

What I'm now after is the Gem/Jubilee set-up that you both mentioned. The previous owner of my Paragons left a brief review of the Gem/Jubilee by some South American reviewer in the Regents Owners Manual and now these are the only 2 pieces of info I have, 94 Stereophile on Regents, photocopy of some translated review of Gem/Jubilee.

Newbee, I'm not clear on which model you have?
bryhifi, i have the jubilee/jems. i can't blame you for wanting them - but you can't have mine. i put my quad 63's in the attic. to me they like the contour 3.3 w/better bass and imaging capability. the impedence curve makes them ideal for tubes unlike the dynaudio's. they are very neutral with excellent bass. i believe they improve on the regents in that the jem woofer crosses over at 400 hz and takes a lot of stress off the midrange speaker and cleans up the midrange substantially. IMHO this speaker was one of the great bargins on the mid nineties. i recall seeing a review on these speakers in an early audiophile voice issue and in high performance review - winter 95-96. i almost bought the regent myself but i wanted to get something i thought was better suited to tubes. i think the regent had a more typical dynaudio impedence curve. if you have any questions about the jubilee/jem e-mail me.