Can anyone tell me about the Proceed PAV good /bad

I listen mostly to modern rock music.
Sony 779ES CD
McIntosh 2100 AMP
Montana DPS speakers
Audio Expressions Symphonies preamp
Stealth Audio reference interconnects
solid silver speaker wire
I am also interested in a Audible Illusions L1 pre and how it would work in this system.
Are you sure you meant the Proceed PAV? There is a big difference between the Proceed PAV and the Audible Illusions L1. The PAV is an older, outdated, solid state surround sound processor (SSP), which sounded good in two channel for a SSP, but I don't think it (or any SSP for that matter) can compete sonically with a good stereo preamp. The AI L1 is a tube line stage stereo preamp. Given the choice between these two, I would go with the AI L1. Although, I can't say that I've heard or even heard of your current preamp, the Audio Expressions Symphonies. I don't know that the L1 will be better because I haven't heard your current preamp. It may not be an upgrade at all for all I know.

John, I didn't know what the proceed PAV was. As to the Audio Expressions preamp the company used to be known as YS Audio. They have been selling these on audigon and ebay for $400. They are pretty well made. No ciruit boards all pt to pt. with silver core wire. They sound pretty good but it doesn't seem to work as well in my system as my CJ PV4 did. My system used to be dead quiet when idling now I have hiss and buzz that is caused by the preamp because when I discnnect the RCAs the hiss and buzz go away.I am not sure why it is doing this. I was considering the AI because I have heard that it matches well with SS amps.
When you disconnect which RCA's? I just went through a similar experience, the problem is a ground loop hum. I finally nailed it down. Originally I thought it was the preamp as well, but it turned out to be the incoming cable tv line. I put a MIT Iso-LinQ on the incoming cable tv line and the buzz has disapeared. Another thing you could try is 'floating the ground'. What this means is to use a cheater plug on different pieces of equipment, one at a time, until you find the offending unit. If the problem is a ground loop hum, chances are that changing the preamp will not make it go away.

The PAV/PSDS is a very good audio video combo. It is no longer supported by Proceed. If you are going in that direction I would reccomend the AVP which is still getting software upgrades. If you are looking at two channel as much as I loved the PAV I would really look around and with whatever you have budget get a more up todate unit. Look at some of the used ML or CJ units.
John, the buzz and hiss go away when I disconnect the RCAs from the output of the preamp to the amp. I didn't have this problem with my Conrad Johnson PV4 and now I do. All of my power chords and cable lines run through a line conditioner.
I'm not saying it isn't the preamp, it could be, but ground loops are tricky. For instance, I originally thought my preamp was the problem. I had a buzz coming through the speakers, when I unplugged the inputs to my amp, the buzz went away. I unplugged the inputs to the preamp one by one, the buzz stayed. So I thought it must be the preamp. I went to try to float the ground on the preamp, but noticed the buzz got louder when I unplugged the preamp. Strange. So then I thought maybe I needed Cardas Caps, I thought maybe the open RCA/XLR fittings on my preamp were picking up noise. Wrong, Cardas Caps did nothing. Then I unplugged my cable tv main line coming into the house, viola, buzz gone. So I bought a MIT Iso-LinQ to isolate the ground from my cable tv, it worked, no more buzz.

The bottom line is some equipment is more suspect to ground loop noise. There may be something wrong with the preamp, maybe it's just the system. I bought a brand new preamp direct from Cary about 12 years ago. It had a buzz. I sent it back, they could find nothing wrong and sent it back. The buzz was still there. I sent it back and again they told me there was nothing wrong. All I know was when I plugged my Aragon 24K in there was no noise, with the new Cary, there was. I figured out years later, that it was my system, not the Cary that had the problem. The Cary was just more sensitive to ground loop hums than the Aragon. When I had the same problem with an Audio Research preamp a couple years later, I realized that in my system, tubes were more prone to ground loop hums. With work, I could eliminate the hum, but for some reason they always picked up noise, more so than SS preamps. I don't know why.

I don't know if any of this helps, all I can say is try isolating the cable tv line and floating the grounds before you isolate and blame the preamp. It could be a ground loop hum.

John, thanks for the info, I will try some of the things you suggested but I really want to get an AI preamp. I am trying to convince my sig. other that my current pre is no good with my system. hehe
In that case, then by all means, your current preamp IS broken. You have to get a new one.
John, thank you for the second opinion lol. by the way what would you recommend around 700-800 used. I have been considering an AI M3 but I don't need a phono stage but L1s are hard to find. I also was considering going back to conrad johnson something like a PV10AL, or maybe an AR LS2.
You may be best with the AI L1, it sounds like what you need and want. Have you tried placing a 'Want Ad' here at the 'Gon? I've found some very odd, rare pieces that way. You'd be surprised how many response you may get. Have you heard the AR? It's quite different from the conrad johnson. the cj tends to be warmer and smoother, while the AR is less tubey sounding, more dynamic. I owned a LS 2 many years ago, I enjoyed it, however, if you like the smoothness of the cj, you may not like the sparkle of the AR. If I were in your shoes, I'd go for the AI L1. Place a wanted ad today, see what's out there. Good luck and happy fishing.