Can anyone tel me about Piega C-3 speakers?

I'm having a hard time finding out any information on Piega C-3 speakers. Not the LTD version. I can't find any reviews. I have a small NYC apartment and thought the Piegas or Silverline Sonatinas might be a nice upgrade from Audio Physic Spark III's. Anyone with any views or ideas?
goodwin- you're going to have a hard time finding reviews on that speaker in the USA...there aren't many dealers in the states and only the lucky have stumbled on them...i've got the C-10 LTDs and i can't imagine life without them...i don't know how the C-3's stack up, but the LTDs are the real deal...good luck, brent

I suggest you contact Anthony Perrotta of Perrotta Consulting in Bethel, CT about 45 minutes from NYC. He is a Piega dealer who I just purchase the C-2 from. He can help you with the C-3. BTW, he carries Audiophycic speakers as well, so he can supply +/- of both. Good luck.