Can anyone suggest a speaker stand that looks as good as the Grand Prix amp stands?

I have my DIY speakers that are in a black Hi-Gloss finish and I am presently using black Pangea 24" speaker stands. These stands are ok but not as exotic looking as I would prefer.
I really like the look of the Grand Prix amps stands that I am using with my mono block amps and getting speaker stands that are similar would be great..

Can anyone suggest some stands?

Some of my requirements.
1. I don't need to hide the wires.
2. They should be about 24" tall
3. Be able to support about 35lbs 
4. Wide top platform.
5. Prefer stainless steel but I guess silver or black would do.


These might work!

Thanks .I'm also thinking of these.

Check out VTI stands.


These are one of my favorite stands. Paradigm doesn’t make then anymore, but they do show up on here for sale once in awhile.

Two handsome stands :
+1 @ mofimadness, I have a pair and they are great stands if you can find them. Mine cost me $150 bucks.

This is an interesting post, I really like the Focal S900 stands.
Wow! Thank you all for the great suggestions. Many of them have my interest but I still have in my mind a unique design. I'm thinking perhaps something that appears to defy gravity or made with a bent diagonal center frame.

Scroll through the link below and see if you find anything.  Not sure you would be able to purchase all that is listed, but you never know.

Hello Ozzy,

We have a lot of friends in the fabrication and design business that might be able to assist you. Do you have a budget in mind?

You can email me at our website should you not wish to disclose. 

Star Sound

Definitely some interesting designs.

Question: Wasn't there somebody selling a levitation stand for turntables?
That might be pretty good for speaker stands.

I think the mag/lev platform you are talking about was made by HigherFi. They had ads on here awhile ago with that product. Not sure if they are still available.

audiopoint, (Robert)
Thank you, I have purchased from you previously. I will send you an email.

The floating platforms may still be available. Seems like a good way to isolate the speaker from the stand. I will investigate.


I do not know what custom stands from Star Sound would cost or look like, but I feel it would be worth exploring.

It looks like you own or have owned Star Sound products. If you like the Star Sound products that you have tried, and if you like the sonic attributes of the Grand Prix stands (which I imagine you do since you own them), you might also like something from Star Sound for your speakers.

I owned at the same time the Star Sound Apprentice stands and the Grand Prix Monaco amp stands (Apex footers, silicon nitrate balls, and the thicker acrylic shelves). I tried both under my floorstanding speakers and they are similar in the way they enhance detail retrieval. Both products are very good.

One thing in my system that my Star Sound platforms do that the Grand Prix stands did not do, and which I cannot really explain, is that the Star Sound platforms really help in creating the illusion of my speakers completely disappearing. With the Apprentice stands, I cannot tell that sound is coming from my speakers; instead I am hearing a more seamless, wide and deep soundstage. Your monitor speakers might already do that, so maybe Star Sound stands would not help in that respect, but for my floorstanders, the Apprentice stands were a revelation.



I have the Audiopoints that I use under my JL F-113 subs.
There is something to be said about the appearance of the stands. When others first view my system the Grand Prix amp stands always stand out with my Tube mono blocks. I just wish I could find something with the similar appearance.
That is long legs, spiked heels... Wait a minute my mind started wondering.

Back to the speaker stands. Something more than just a flower pot style stand which seems to be what most speaker stands look like.



I found this old link to Star Sound which shows what their speaker stands used to look like:

They show a  "topless" model, with "long legs and spikes" which might be up your alley.

If you put an acrylic shelf on top, and get silver colored posts (which they offer with their racks), you would have something that looks very close to the GP stands that you have.

Acrylic shelves would have to bought separately, but are relatively inexpensive. I got 3/4 inch shelves from a local acrylic shop  that cost around $100 a shelf.

They do look very much like the Grand Prix style. Any idea what they cost?

I found a review on the 20 inch model.  It had a retail price of $879 a pair back in 2007.

Thank you very much.

Audiopoint, (Robert)

I sent a message through your web page as you suggested. I am interested in the stands shown at the bottom of the link suggested by mofimadness above. Preferable in brushed SS .
$879 is less than I expected.

The review I read from Dagogo was effusive about the sound, but there is one caveat:

"When you first put your speakers on them, they can be a little wobbly, but after a few days they settle in and have no movement front to back or side to side. Of course, like all tripods they can be unstable if struck on the corners, or if you lean on the corners."

Shouldn't be an issue if you are usually careful and not a klutz. I imagine if you have not had any problems with your current stands, that the Star Sound stands would not be a problem either.

I don't think that review is about the monitor stands. Probably those would even be more prone to tipping.



The reviewer's speakers were Audio Note AN/E SE's, so I assumed he was using the monitor stands.

You might like these Solid Steel stands which come in a silver finish:

Thanks they do look very nice. However, the top plate is only 6 x 6" wide. My speakers are 8" wide X 14" deep with these there would be quite an overhang.