Can anyone suggest a good 2-channel amp for $1500

Conquered home theater, but want to set up a decent semi-reference 2 channel system. I'm welcoming suggestions for a decent 2-channel amp putting out around 100WPC RMS that would go for ~$1500 US or less (preferrably less). I am considering tube amps, but want to know what those advantages are over a solid state amp.

Creek 5350 SE.
I have a huge soft spot for Parasound after selling them for years. You should be able to pick up a Halo A23 for well under your stated budget.

In fact, 2nd hand, you could buy 2 and bridge them, one for each channel!

I can enthusiastically recommend a used DK Design VS-1 Mk II integrated amp. Combines power and tubes within a solid state design.

Contact me if you'd like to know more.
Used Bryston 4B-ST's sell for around $1250-1300, and if your budget could stretch to around $1800, you could get a used Bryston 4B-SST. Both are great amps.
I'd look into Odyssey Audio.
I will second the Bryston,also a used Counterpoint with mods will cost you 2K or so.Those I have had,and I hear McCormack are first rate and more in your budget,good luck,Bob
You should post the speakers you are going to use with the amp as they might have a synergy with a particular SS amp.
McCormack DNA 0.5 goes for about $800. You can bank the rest or start on the upgrade path with SMC Audio (Steve Mc., the designer, now modifies his old amps).
55dok asks a good question...what speakers are you using, room size, what are your musical tastes, and why are you interested in tube amps that put out 100wpc (that's allot of tubes)? There are some fine tube integrateds in your price range but I don't know of any putting out 100wpc. You'd likely be looking at a Pentode design, or a whole bunch of big, hot tubes in Push/Pull. Plenty of fun for certain types of music, but listen for yourself and see if SS doesn't do that kind of music better to your ears.

If you'd prefer generalizations; I do like my Portal Panache which is right in your price range if you get one of the demo amps that Joe Abrams sells here on A'gon with the same trial period as new, and I believe the same warranty. The demo is $1295 last time I saw one. $1700 new. Used ones come up now and then for less. Pretty versatile amps with the handfull of speakers I've thrown at it. Put it on your short list - highly recommended, but do pay attention to synergy as has been suggested.

I think the PS Audio HCA amps are pretty amazing and can be had for about half your budget.
Channel Island DM 100 mono blocks.
I was thinking of pairing 2 Aurum Cantus Leisure 2SE's with this amp + a Shanling CD-T100a CD player in this mini-semi-ref system. I will also probably try my current Anthony Gallo Acoustics Adiva Ti's with this just for grins...

Thanx for responses so far to all...
Also, as far as room size is concerned, the room is roughly 10x8, but will be moving soon to a bigger room. As far as music is concerned, just about any. I do favor electronic and acoustic music. Synth and strings mainly...
Rogue 120'S MONO TUBE AMPS.I have owned about 20 Very large ,amps, Solid state including theshold, aragon ,audio research, 6 Krells ksa mda, VTL 300 Hurricanes Zeus ect.I have not found a more enjoyable sounding amp the the rogue 120's. The bass control will amaze you Kicked my krells ass in control the mids and highs are fast clean natural sweet and just right. I suggest these without question in the 100 watt range
since no one has mentioned Plinius, let me suggest that a used Plinius 8100 (or 8200 with 175 watts)would be worth considering (there is an 8100 integrated on Audiogon for $800, and you also get a very decent preamp and I think phono). But I'm afraid I don't know how well they would synergise with your speakers.

Good luck,

I keep hearing Bryston, so I will have to look into this. Why are there so many more high-end Canadian units out there that we never hear about in the US? Perhaps it's a US-Centristic plot to hold out on great audio... Hmmmmm...
So, should your WPC recommendation on speakers match the amp's RMS power?
Although Bryston doesn't make my favorite amps, they make good sounding ones without a doubt (at least the ones I have heard). And if you are buying used, Bryston's 20 year, transferable warranty is a tramendous plus. Of course the reason they can give this warranty is that with their gear you are unlikely to need to use it - an even bigger plus.
Mayube not $1500 but if you could scrape up another $350-$450 say read here on A'gon,Audio Asylum,and www.epinions (consumer review sites) read about Plinius.MANY people become cult fanatics about there amps with more passion and attatcment than I can think of than just about any amp.EVEN TUBE LOVERS go fo it saying it's closest they can get to tube amps strengths opf sound quality while egting bass controll and no roll of highs that tubes inherently have.Lastly the future is digital ad the first few years Class D amps (digital) sounded like carp but they are getting beter and beter.Read the reveiw of the inovative amp/integrated amp made by PS Audio.While known for their electricla fliters they had gotten great reveiws on first HCA series and new product line allows you 100,250,500 amps to be bought as bopth straictly an amp or one with defeatable gain.Really pretty cool.You can deciode to use it alone or shut the amp down anmd use the "pre" section or amplifier as you wish when you needs change.A used 100 watt maybe in your budget or again a tad over.Bryston is an awesom amp and I think a good choice as is Rogue for tube power (which sounds twice as l;oud at it's given power poiunt than solid state).Brryston would be a great choice but think Plinius side by side I'd take the Plinius hands down.This from a guy who has a little experience .Sold Krell,McIntosh etc for 6 years.MG'luck
A 100 watt tube amp even used is a rare animal for $1500. That being said I have heard hat the Mcalister 150 which delivers 75watts RMS per side is suposedly very good and cost less than $1,000 brand new. The used Rogue maybe in your price range but I personally didn't like the sound. There are a ton of SS amps that would make it but they are not anything like a good tube amp. I use both types.
I also see no one has recommended Arcam. Though it is a bit of a "rare bird", the AVR200 produces a very warm, musical sound. It is rated at 85 wpc, but the power management circuitry makes it seems stronger. You can usually find them for around half of your budget, leaving plenty for cables and music.

Good listening.
Do you think that going for less than the max wattage for the speakers (100 wpc) will result in less sound quality than the speakers are capable of producing? I don't want to go too crazy and overdo it and blow out the speakers - that being said, if I do go the integrated amp route and the wattage is significantly more than 100wpc @ 8ohms x 2, how can I avoid blowouts? Are there safety circuits that will keep me (or the kids) from damaging my speakers?

Belles 150A @ $1495 msrp.
Belles 150A Reference if you can find a pre-owned one should be in the price range you're looking for.
Well, you did say tube amps... and solid state amps. I'll agree with Audio M-120 Magnums. I think more like $1,700-$2,000 though for the Magnum version of these amps.

I've never heard any solid state amp that can better these amps as far as sounding musical. That said, I've never listened to any other Rogue amp so have no idea if other Rogue amps would "do it" for me the way these do.

I'll also agree with on the bass quality of these tube 120's replaced a small Krell amp.

Good luck
Counterpoint Counterpoint Counterpoint.....SA20/220 and NPS series. This is an awesome value. Also the McCormack DNA1 and even the DNA 225 is at this price from time to time.