Can anyone recommend good LED lights

I am looking for a Bar Light for my music room
room size is small 12X12
Wanted to get a bar light that changes with the music to give the room some special effects.
Get a big multi color laser like they have in night clubs instead. Its better than a bar light.
Check out Parts,they have all that kind of stuff!
If you are near a large music store like Guitar Center or Sam Ash, they usually have all of what you are looking for on display.

My family has a few night clubs so I have a little experience with lighting. Check out an american dj groove wheel light. Its cheap but very good. You can set it to cover a whole wall.
输入您的文字I have rented a house for nearly ten years, and almost every time I move, I will re-select a table lamp, and the old one will be disposed of. In addition to the obsessive-compulsive disorder that matches the layout of the new rental house, many times I want to change my mood and start again. I read books and cats under the yellow light, and practice calligraphy under the white light. In many cases, the sense of atmosphere is a very important thing for me. So over the years, I have accumulated some experience in choosing table lamps.

From the classification of desk lamps, there are three categories: LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, and halogen lamps. From my personal point of view, whether it is halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps (fluorescent lamps), or LED lamps, as long as the quality of the light source is good enough, they can be used with confidence. It is not necessary to pursue which type of table lamp, because we judge whether a table lamp is worth buying by measuring the light source index, not the type....

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Look at lamps + i got 4 LED lights from them at great prices.