Can anyone recommend center ch. for Shahinians?

Shahinian does not make shielded speakers of any sort, and my equipment layout for HT forces me to look at a center speaker that must rest on top of my television. I will not use a speaker that cannot "voice" in a manner similar to my Shahinians. That's almost an impossible task, but I'm hoping that among the number of 'philes here someone can recommend something that will work with my Diapasons.

While many would (rightly, IMO) state that HT use perhaps does not test the absolute musical integrity of speakers, that's still not enough for me to settle for something that won't match well, but may be considered a great center channel speaker (as far as HT goes).
Holzhauer, unfortunately the room layout will not allow me to hang a Diapason or Hawk module off the wall or ceiling. The back wall is also home to a number of pieces of artwork and the ceiling supports the track lighting structure for the art (yeah, it is a little cramped).

I've asked Richard about this and he has not yet made any recommendations.
Jer, I just looked at these on the web. Yes, they are oddly shaped - but the Diapasons are not exactly standard looking either! Very reasonably priced. I remember hearing Ohm speakers many times over the years.

The stuff they offer is very reasonably priced, and with an excellent home trial policy. Looks like it may be worth trying. How do you like that? They're still in Brooklyn!
The Ohm center is worth a try with the long in home trial period. I bet you can get a pretty close veneer match with your Shahinians. Can John at Ohm and he would work with you. Maybe you could emial him a picture of them. They actually sent me veneer samples so I could get an idea of what the veneers look like in the real world. Might even tell you over the phone whether their center matches up with the Shahinians. They do not hard sell you at Ohm.
Good luck on that tricky task of working Shahinians into a H/T setup.
Well Jer, I know Dick Shahinian knows the boys at Ohm. Since they are in Brooklyn and he is in Coram (on the Island) I think it might be possible to just bring veneers from Point A to Point B.