Can anyone recommend an FM Receiver that would play into a relatively high end system?

I have gone “all in” on digital streaming, but unfortunately, we are not immune to interruptions in Internet service in our area.  Whenever one occurs, I am reminded of simpler days listening to FM radio, and would like to have that capability again.  Are there FM receivers that would feed a digital stream into a DAC?   Or would they be analogue feeding directly into my amp via XLR cables?   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   
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Both Onkyo and Sequerra-Day made the best sounding tuners back in the day when that was considered important.

Used ones are out there; you will pay more for the Sequerra than the Onkyo (T-9090 II), I would guess.  Of course, you need a good antenna!

Aside from my rant in previous post re/importance of antenna and the only antenna that will make a big difference (read astounding difference ) is a rooftop rotatable.   That is all true.  I think my rant also was due to the fact that I have since moved to rural area which I term  FM wasteland so I no longer listen to analog FM (limited listening to a FM community station out of Chico, Ca with a dipole  antenna in both systems using  Kenwood 600T in one and Mitzu DA-F20 in another)      I digress.   Im so far out in the boonies that even rooftop would not pick up my preferred stations  150- 170 miles away so my unobtanium  APS 13 yagi sits in a box in the garage.    I would likely be able to pull in Sacramento stations although I do not see much in the way of eclectic offering there.

So my rant based in part on being p'o'ed on having lost a major source of music satisfaction.    The tuners in themselves are a  source of satisfaction similar in effect  in  how we can enjoy with our other system components.  

At any rate,,  the bottom line here is if you have a station that you are really dedicated to or even better a couple of them in your area and you are using an FM tuner  by all means , by whatever means --install a rooftop antenna which will enable the music being broadcast to be at its best possible quality.  Again it needs to be rotatable as that dials in the optimal signal strength and with a tuner with multipath meter will help to potentially avoid interference or reflected signal.  

  For me listening to a station where by there are no commercials and the DJ's come off like genuine souls and do not have to abide by a playlist dictated by a higher power but instead play what they enjoy that becomes a good opportunity to hear music that is not mainstream and lets one decide whether to buy it.     
Hi CDC77, One more excellent tuner I'd add to the list is a Linn Kudos. These were $1,800 new when I bought mine, but now see them from time to time on Audiogon at $400-500. I have a very high resolution system and can tell you it sounds great. I'm about 40 miles north of NYC and use a roof antenna and get great sound. Has signal strength info, stereo/mono and wide/narrow band options and remembers them for each preset. Might be worth it to keep an eye out if you see one of these come up.
Good Luck!
@ cdc77,

You might want to make sure that you have acceptable reception in your area for the FM stations of interest. Would suggest using the radio in your car to make that determination.

As for FM tuners, Magnum Dynalab FT-101A has satisfied my needs for 28 years without fail. As mentioned, MD offers used tuners with a warranty.
Magnum Dynalab 208, 209