Can anyone recommend an FM Receiver that would play into a relatively high end system?

I have gone “all in” on digital streaming, but unfortunately, we are not immune to interruptions in Internet service in our area.  Whenever one occurs, I am reminded of simpler days listening to FM radio, and would like to have that capability again.  Are there FM receivers that would feed a digital stream into a DAC?   Or would they be analogue feeding directly into my amp via XLR cables?   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   
I remember seeing an ad for a used FM tuner that could also receive satellite radio (Sirius/XM); but, I can’t remember which brand(s) it was. But, if your goal is to have as many listening options as possible, that could be a potentially good candidate.
Several tuners have offered this option, including McIntosh, but it’s a poor choice. SiriusXM’s online stream is much higher audio quality than its satellite signal.
If you want good sound quality, provided you have good FM stations in your area, a dedicated high quality FM tuner (and a good antenna) can be an excellent source.  

Here's a great place to get info -

I'm almost 50 miles away from the main broadcast towers and the sound quality from my Magnum Dynalabs Etude rivals CD playback.  I also have an Onkyo T-9090 II which is another excellent tuner. 

Most of the radio broadcast over the internet is compressed.  Radio Paradise is an exception.  Great sound quality and well curated tunes.

I've only experienced Sirius / XM as far as satellite radio goes.  It sounds awful compared to over the air FM broadcast.
+1 on the Sony XDR-F1HD

I picked it up years ago after reading a columnist in Stereophile rave about how this little thing sounded. I don't read Stereophile anymore (I got wiser), but he wasn't wrong on this little Sony thing...

Might be able to pick it up used somewhere. 
Big Greg

don’t know much about Sirius but Internet Radio Stations can sound pretty good.  I am in Chicago and our favorite Classical Station, WFMT, sounds much better in digital, and no dropouts.  We also listen to high quality digital feeds from Venice, Bavaria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.
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