Can anyone recommend an FM Receiver that would play into a relatively high end system?

I have gone “all in” on digital streaming, but unfortunately, we are not immune to interruptions in Internet service in our area.  Whenever one occurs, I am reminded of simpler days listening to FM radio, and would like to have that capability again.  Are there FM receivers that would feed a digital stream into a DAC?   Or would they be analogue feeding directly into my amp via XLR cables?   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   
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I’d look for a Vintage tuner that’s been refreshed i.e. new caps, proper alignment. there is no one really make really good tuners anymore for reasonable prices and if its only for the occasional use vintage is the way to go. you can find yourself a really nice sounding tuner for a couple hundred or supper sounding one for $500-800 after refresh. Need a good antenna with any tuner though.

for new the best are probably these guys, they also make some excellent antenna:

for vintage a good site for learning is:

personally a Sansui TU series is hard to beat when refreshed.

lastly the only reason to digitize your FM signal if your system is all digital (in which case it would most likely digitize the analogue signal coming into it), your using room correction (same as above most likely) or you don't have an analogue input. 

An analogue to digital converter is common in the recording industry so if you need to go that way try a local music store they would have a cheaper and good sounding unit, i.e. Tascam etc. 
Given a good signal, a good vintage tuner is a thing of beauty. The Holy Trinity of vintage tuner is Day Sequerra, Marantz 10B and McIntosh MR78. There are other damned good vintage tuners. 
If you need xlr output, Magnum Dynalab offers that 
If you don't  need FM, it appears the Yamaha has just introduced a pretty good sounding integrated amp.  It's not inexpensive but the model number is A-S3200. The November issue of Stereophile has a write-up on it.  You could always mate it with an older Sansui tuner...I believe it is the TU-717 tuner.  One of the best tuners ever made for the money.  Had one many years ago paired to an Audio Research D-51 amp and Quad pre-amp.