Can anyone recommend an FM Receiver that would play into a relatively high end system?

I have gone “all in” on digital streaming, but unfortunately, we are not immune to interruptions in Internet service in our area.  Whenever one occurs, I am reminded of simpler days listening to FM radio, and would like to have that capability again.  Are there FM receivers that would feed a digital stream into a DAC?   Or would they be analogue feeding directly into my amp via XLR cables?   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   
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No such thing as a receiver that is high end. They are all pure crap. But you don't need a receiver. All you need is a tuner. FM tuners, no problem. Lots to choose from. But they will be nice sounding analog, not digital. Unless of course the station broadcasting is digital. Which a lot are. Like a sickness on the land. Anyway: FM tuner.
My main suggestion is to get off Wifi If you can.  If you can't, use a phone based Wifi analyzer to pick the best, least congested wifi channels.
Look at the Naim NAT tuners. 
You will also need an antenna. A real one.