Can anyone recommend a usb thumb or small flash drive for music for Bluesound Node 2?

I have a Bluesound Node and want to try something different. I want to try a 1tb usb thumb drive or usb
flash drive to connect to the back of my Node 2 with all my ripped music on it. I would like to use this as a backup to my wired and wireless NAS.

thumb drives that big are slow or very expensive you'd be better off getting a remote hard drive, faster transfer speeds and less money for the size. A SS drive is probably what  you need. not that much bigger then the thumb drive but more space and faster transfer speeds. NAS is another option if you don't need the portability, that will give you redundancy with a back up.

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TB? All kinds of articles on this subject. Like Glen pointed out, size does matter. Some say 128GB max but I never go higher than 64. Brand also matters, need to research this. As pointed out, you need to think SSD for what you want to do.

I have four 64GB thumb drives full of flac I load from my slaved HD, and that is quite a bit of music. I refer to them as my archived tunes, ready for when I’m lazy or on the go...lulz
There are many USB or flash drives for music you can use, such as  Lexar JumpDrive, Transcend JetFlash or SanDisk Ultra Fit 3.0. According to the iPad support, Lexar JumpDrive is best among them.