Can anyone recommend a transmission line subwoofer

i am looking for suggestions as to ready built transmission line subwoofers to use with Quad esl 57's. thanks in advance to everyone.

We have built some pretty elaborate custom transmission lines over the years. The do become somewhat large if you are to get some true low end extension, which is probably why they have never gained any real commercial traction. I don't know of any dedicated commercially available subwoofers using the TL principle.

The length of the line determines the extension of the line, 1/4 wave length of the desired frequency, ie if you want the line to extend all the way down to 20 Hz you'd be looking at a line thats about 17.4 feet long , 25Hz would call for a 11.3 foot long line and so on. The area of the line should taper from about 120 ptc. of SD (Driver Radiating Area) at the beginning of the line to about 20 ptc at the exit of the line.

The latest one we made was for the custom pair of PA speakers used at the Paul Stookey concert at last January's THE Show that we sponsored together with Cary Audio, it was a dual 12" line with the two starting chamber spilling into a completely smooth with a consistent taper from start to end, shoot me an email if you like some photos.

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Thanks very much - please send the photos to
The REL Stentor 3 and Studio 3 subwoofers (probably also the older models) are loaded with a folded transmission line which REL calls a "Super Acoustic Resistive Matrix".

Most PMC speakers make use of the LT principle but I do not know whether or not this is also the case for their subwoofers.
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Wisdom audio makes 3 different regenerative transmission line subowoofers. The scs sub - is $4000 and has its own internal amplifer and is truly fantastic sounding. You are on the right path - T lines are about the only thing quick enough to mate with statics.
I came across TBI, from what I have read they are tramission line as Iam looking for a pair for my magenpan 3.7,I am am going to check out Wisdom Audio also.Thanks