Can anyone recommend a printable label for vacuum tube boxes?

I have a sizable new old stock collection (ok--sizable for me), and can't stand my handwriting all over the storage boxes.  It's inconsistent, sloppy looking, and not clear.  I'd like to buy printable labels and I'm too lazy to experiment, take measurements, etc.  Well, maybe not that lazy, but I thought why reinvent the wheel!  

Has anyone done this?  Thanks much in advance!
Search label maker. Buy lots of tape. Once you start you never can stop.
Like good audio equipment, invest in good tape. Get the ones with long life adhesive designed for industrial applications.

If I am doing more than a couple, I used printable labels. If it is a couple P-Touch.

I do the same thing.. I use Brothers P-Touch for cable labels too. Pigeon ring your valves too with label tape.. Like "Tube Depot"

I mark the the TOP on the valve too, with a permanent marker. Easy to remove and clean the valve with an alcohol wipe in case it changes or you goof.. I clean the pins at the same time.. I use a cotton wad and a little WD40. I plunge the pins several times, they clean right up and get a light lube, that is conductive.

Valves are one of my OCD deals, I have to keep an eye on .. LOL

Some DANDY deals if you keep your eyes pealed.

How about Avery inkjet labels (or any other brand)?  They come in just about any size you might want, you can make a template for them or just do them one at a time on your computer and print them out.  You can probably remove them off the boxes without damaging the box, if needed.
If you want you can get original boxes for Siemens, Valvo, Mullard miniature tubes on ebay.
Only thing they have a blank space where tube type could be printed.

A brother p touch is very versatile. Once you get one you’ll be exploring “what can I label next?”