Can anyone recommend a good streamer/DAC?

I have tried streaming on an Astell& Kern Kann Cube and love it. Now looking for a streamer DAC combo (or  both integrated in one box) to put on the rack with my living room system. I have read good things about the Cambridge Audio 851n and their CXN v2; $1,500 and $1,100, respectively. Also about the Bryston BDA-3.14, at $4,200. I am willing to pay for good quality sound and at the same time I worry that the technology may be moving fast enough that as with computers and HDTVs there will be a much better version available soon for a lot less money. Anybody know if Cambridge Audio or Bryston has anything new in the works for streamer/DACs? All recommendations will be much appreciated.
Ps Audio DirectStream is a winner for me after testing many manufacturer in my home. I was suprised how big the difference was compared to others (Mcintosh, Hegel, Mark Levinson) . I pass preamp from it. Also it is cheaper on long term because you get free software updates from manufacturer and they really make difference. I highly recommend tha you test DirectStream if possible.
Ok, here’s what I would do in your shoes. I would sell the Rogue and then with some of the proceeds up your spending level to $5K and buy the new NAD M33 which has what has been described as a “revolutionary” new Class D 200 wpc “Purifi” amplifier, which reportedly has nearly undetectable noise and distortion and has amazing reference SQ. It also has room for upgrading with two expansion slots. It also has a streamer and an excellent ES Sabre DAC. The best thing to do right now would be to go to their website and read all about it, you will be impressed. I traded my NAD M10 in and am awaiting delivery of a new M33, sometime in mid to late August. To say I’m excited would be an understatement!
Best thing what you can do is take to home for listening and make your own opinion and trust your own ears.