Can Anyone Recommend a Good Speaker ?

I'm looking for a speaker that has tight punchy bass ( rather than something that's going to shake the walls ) that can also reveal detail in a recording without being overly bright in the $1,000 - $2,500 range ..monitor or floor stander .
Any suggestions
PSB T6's. Awesome for the money.

**dealer disclaimer**
Tekton Lore, LORE-S or M-Lore.

See Stereomojo online for a review of the M-Lore.
Daber Audio Monitor 3 speakers.
Dynaudio Focus series. I'm currently listening to a pair of the small Focus 110s. The port plugs are in to tighten the bass.
What amp are you using, and what size room? Musical tastes?
Anything with the name Vandersteen attached
PSB fits your criteria perfectly
I've seen a couple sets of Vandersteen 3A sigs sell in that range. However, I do feel you'll get better suggestions if you answer Bigshutterbug's questions. Here's a list of information that generally helps the AG community narrow down their suggestions:

Room dimensions (L x W x H)
Acoustic characteristics (hardwood/carpet, windows, open or closed room)
Listening position
Power/Pre Amps and Source
Silverline Prelude!!
Linn Majik 140's.
I just picked up a pair of Reference 3a Dulcets after a length search. Very nice. Meets your criteria.
I would also consider anything Reference 3A.
Do want to let you know that right now there is a pair of next to new Nola Contenders on AG right now. There $2,500.00. I havn't heard them but based on what I have read, I am thinking that's alot of bang for the buck. You may also check with AudioWaves for a model Triangle that fits your budget and needs.
Hope this helps.
PS: Go look at the Nola Contenders on AG, I dont think you can go wrong. A seller by the name of Golden-Sound has them listed. There is also a pir of 3a Dulcets in near mint condition here on AG, but I think that the asking price is more then a bit too much
The latest Merlin TSM's you can afford. They're detailed and refined with tight, punchy bass. They also get tone and timber right, which to me are the most important factors in musical speakers.
Look for a used pair of Eggleston Works Fontaines - they deliver tight, punchy bass. I've had mine several years now and nothing has been able to unseat them. The original ones require a sub, but not as necessary for the model IIs, depending on your listening habits and room. The secret to their wonderful sound: no crossovers on the dual mid drivers; extremely inert cabinets; and the most musically satisfying (IMO) tweeter. I believe the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter is the key to acheiving non-irritating/fatiguing HFs.
golden ear technology--2500 bucks-awesome or focal chorus 826V
dynaudio contour s1.4
There is still not enough info to narrow down your choices. What size room? How many watts? What kind of music do you like? WAF?

I will play along anyway.

Philharmonic 2

The room Is relatively small with low ceilings , I collect audio equipment .I've got ..Amps : B&K st140 / Adcom 555/Adcom 555 modified . Krell 250a and an Anthem . Pre amps : Adcom 565/ Audible Illusions and a Mccoramack . CD players : an NAD and a California Audio Labs / I;ve got Audioquest King Cobra inters and Kimber Cable speaker cable ....t
THANKS for your input everyone ...I'm probably gonna go with the Vandersteens or Proacs .I'd like to get a listen to the Dynaudio's and the Linn's but I'd have to venture into NYC ...5 miles away but 2 hours worth of aggravation getting there : (
You should give the Dynaudio's a chance.
Check out Shelby+Kroll Monitors and matching sub $2500.00. Clean, clear and perfect toneful bass with highs and mids to match. If you go to the site click on the menue at the bottom of the page

2 speakers fit your description perfectly. The Legacy classics ($1200-$1400) and the legacy Focus 20/20's ($2600-$3k).

The Focus 20/20's are easily the best speakers Ive owned. I say this because they are the most complete speaker Ive ever owned. They have power, punch, and yet are relaxed and gentle in the top end. IMO this is a speaker that would make you very happy. To this day I regret selling mine. All Music sounded great through them. They rocked out with rock music and took me away with jazz. Bad recordings were great through them and great recordings were awesome. Just a great true full range speaker that you don't see much of anymore.

3qty 12" woofers will get you there in the bass, and the ribbon tweeters have absolutely no ear fatigue like metal domes do. I miss the sound just thinking about it.