can anyone reccomend a high quality receptacle

I have just ran 2 20amp dedicated lines for my 2 channel system. I am currently using commercial grade receptacles (the grey ones from home depot). My system sounds Very quiet, but I'm wondering if upgrading the receptacles will make an imprvement. Thank you
I used Wattgate receptacles to my dedicated 20 amp lines.
Albert Porter sells Cryo treated outlets here on Agon.

Also you could go to a local electrical store and purchase some Hubbel hospital grade receptacles.

PS Audio and Shunyata have upgraded outlets. I've got the
PS Audio in my system.
I am building a High-end Mastering studio with an Equi-tech wall cabinet and JPS in-wall cable. I am using 24 of the JPS Labs 20amp receptacles. This is what Equi=tech recommended!

Absolutely! I recommend Kimber Wattgate receptacles. Huge improvement. A no-brainer.
Oyaide AC Receptacles seems to gain alot of praise........plenty of write-up in AA. Do a serach for "Oyaide SWO"
Go with Albert's Porter Ports, for the money they're hard to beat and I've tried a bunch of them. Good luck.
I like the Porter Ports (Hubbell) myself and personally prefer them to the Wattgates and Oyaides.