Can anyone please recommend warm sounding transport/DAC to replace tubed cdp ?

System: Wells Majestic Integrated, Silverline 17.5 monitors, Jolida JD100 (modded). The upgrade itch has struck again, and I'm wondering about upgrading my source. Is it a fool's errand to seek a "similar-but-better" sound via a DAC (such as the Schiit Gungnir that's been described as "warm") plus a transport, such as a used PS Audio Perfect Wave ? 
nordicom: Danafrips is a name I've never come across. . .  will investigate.
Ayre QB-9. I had the DSD version but both are fantastic. Or the Ayre Codex for les $$. 
I have the Silverlines in my HT system. .love them
Thanks for the suggestions-- quite a few are new to me.