Can anyone offer advice about posting?

A first-timer here, trying to offer a rare, collectible LP. All goes well until the "images" page. I enter four image files, they appear correctly, but when I hit the "continue" button, it says "no files found." I can't see anything I'm doing wrong, but cannot complete the listing. I've tried AudiogoN Help, but the woman there was no help at all. Is there a "save" function for the image files that I'm not seeing? Advice would be much appreciated.

John T. Henderson

Did you hit the upload button in the lower right of the add images screen?  I will also add that I had multiple "application error" messages today when I tried to post an ad.  Took several tries to get the images up and about 5 tries to pay.  Good luck.
You can also just go ahead and post the ad, (without pictures initially) then go back in and add the images.

If you go to the "Dashboard" page of your account and look at the left side of the page, you’ll see a link called "My Images." Click on this link and you will see a button near the top of the page that says "Upload New Image." Upload your images to this page before you get to the Images page when doing the "Create a Listing" process. You can put captions on the photos and Audiogon will load them into your ad from the "My Images" page.

You're not the first person to have this problem.  I don't know why Audiogon doesn't explain this in their instructions for creating a listing.

tomcy6: Many thanks, I agree that posting instructions are nearly non-existent, and I find the process maddening. I found "My images" and all four are there. But I STILL cannot complete the listing because when I get near the end, it says "no images found," and throws me back in a circle. I've asked a professional code-writing friend for help, and HE can't figure it out. SCREAM!
Welcome! John T. Henderson