Can anyone identify these speakers?

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Guessing it’s a passive radiator in the middle with a woofer at the bottom? Doesn’t make sense, though.

Design definitely reminds me of those Bic Venturi speakers I had back when I was 19.

Bought many things from CL and never had a problem. I don’t know where you live but we got bad areas here too but I’ve never had a problem in all my years of meeting strangers buying audio gear.

Just trying to help out the seller of these speakers identify what they are, they look like pretty nice speakers and are probably a bargain at his asking price. Are they Fried or RSL’s (Rogers Sound Labs) or Chapman by any chance?
Those are mid to late 70's BIC Formula Venturis. They look like the later versions they made before they went out of business. They also made a couple of nice belt drive turntables back then too. I think BIC stood for British Industries Corporation. I think......
oops. I didn't hit the right listing. Sorry. Disregard my last post.
Any educated guess on the speakers in the original post?
They look homemade. If you look at the pics with the grills off, its like someone was trying to copy a Wilson or Genesis.
are they dahlquests i believe i have the speeling right ,carl went on to design alon then nola 
Back in the mid 70s I had a pair BIC Venturis Formula 4s that looked a lot like that, only black.
Forgive me, but I don't see how the BIC Venturi that auxinput posted above and others commented on look remotely comparable to what I originally posted.

I think it looks more like an Alon speaker.  Anyone wish to try again?
Thanks :)
I still think they look homemade.Can't you find out from the seller?
One of the reason's I think the speakers are home made, is when you look at the pic's with the grills off, the sides of the cabnets extend well beyond the FR drivers. That's almost never done. That's why I said in my first post someone was trying to copy other speakers.

Like these:
A homemade dahlquests DG-30?