Can anyone identify the model of this speakers?

I really need experts help!
My audio-friends and me - we cannot determine the model of this speakers. I’ve looked through almost all possible images.
Presumably of German origin, early 90s.
There are no signs inside.
Inside the acoustic: Vifa speakers, Mundorf capacitors, Eagle Calypso wire.
See photos at the following link:

Thank you very much in advance, Alex
I can't see your pix because the are in an icloud drive.
NO are you joking!!!!!
I was able to view pics but it took some work. Kinda looks like a Dynaudio version of a Polk Audio RTiA9. No idea really though. 
I can't see them either.
Only in iCloud Drive.....
Only in iCloud Drive.....
and that's the problem.
Since they are in cloud drive we are required at least on an iPhone to accept the share and add them to our shared files. I was able to easily see the pictures but then deleted them from my share. You might be better off to post them up directly in this thread or put them in dropbox or Google photos or something that we are not required to login to see.

either way I have no clue about the speakers. It’s really strange there’s no markings anywhere that would give a clue to the manufacturer.
I don't want to use iCloud drive.  Spies are everywhere.
Post the photos some other way.
Even with an iPhone and a Mac (I have both!) it's still a PITA to get to the pics...gotta be a better way to share pics on this forum...oh, and BTW, don't recognize the speakers...look interesting do they sound?
I'm getting more and more curious about them.
Thank you for attention. The speakers sound very good, dynamically expressive and very detailed.
I apologize for the inconvenience with the link. I created a new link with photos. and continue to ask for help with the identifying of the acoustics model. Thank you
They don't look familiar to me. Is that a port on the upper back panel? If so, what it that on the bottom side panel?
Perhaps they are homemade one-offs.  Look good though.
all three holes refer to one back horn.
Those could be transmission line terminations. Maybe something in the Bugtussel line?
I agree that they look, (external anyway) like a modified transmission line. Can’t tell for sure without seeing the inside structure.

I was really amazed when I made my first audio sojourn to the U.K. at how many brands that I had never seen or heard of. There is A LOT of gear over there that never gets exported. Could very well be one of those.
The joinery at the top with butt joints suggest homemade cabinets. 
Two things might, MIGHT help.

Open up the back and see if the crossover is labelled, or if you can tell the manufacturer of any of the drivers. That may give a clue as to country of origin

erik...the OP stated in his original post:

Presumably of German origin, early 90s.
There are no signs inside.
Inside the acoustic: Vifa speakers, Mundorf capacitors, Eagle Calypso wire.

Both Mundorf and Eagle are German made, so IMHO, they’re some sort of a German made speaker. Maybe no longer in business or never exported?
Definitely look like skilled DIY to me.  Someone with kids who liked to push in the soft rubber dust caps of the mids...:)
Those baffles don’t look original, repair work?