Can anyone here answer a Dynaudio specs ?

I am looking at purchasing either a set of 1.8mkII or some T2.5s in the Contour line.

My question is... The 1.8s have a 4ohm impedance and the 2.5s have a 6ohm impedance. Why the different ratings with the same drivers? Probably a dumb question. What is different about these two speakers when they have the same tweeter and drivers?

gcarion all comes down to design...typically a 6 ohm load in a 2-way is the tweeter is 8 and the midbass is 4...hence the 6 ohm figure....I wouldnt get too hung up on specs...if you like the Danes...go for it...regardless of either load...they like power...enjoy
If the drivers are really the same, then it should be the cross-over. But just like Phasecorrect says: if you like 'em, buy 'em....