Can anyone help with a load of equipment I have acquired

I have some equipment I am not familiar with. I eventually want to sell it but I do not know how to evaluate it so it is hard for me to market it. It is all from an audiophile friend who passed away but I do not know about audio equipment.

For example, I have a Pair of 3a Nefes Speakers, Joule Electra LA 300 and other pieces.

Can anyone recommend a good approach?

The Joule pre-amp is a very high end item that was produced in limited quantities. There is a blue ok function on this site that may or may not have info on that item. The speakers are probably listed there. If you place a classified and have no other data, 50-60% of retail is not a bad place to start. 
To clarify what Swampwalker said, there is "Blue Book" feature on the website that is based on Audiogon sales.  This feature does have a cost, but it would well worth it in this circumstance.  I would also recommend looking up each piece in the search box to see if any are for sale.  You can also do this in eBay.  Sold items are the best measure, for Audiogoin you will need the Blue Book for that, but it is free on eBay.  Keep in mind that you may not get the maximum value since you are not familiar with the equipment and cannot fully attest to it's operating condition.  Savvy buyers will know when there is a degree of risk and will reduce paying price accordingly.  

You could also contact a Audio dealer who could sell for you. Just hope you can find a fair and honest one.
ebay start from buck.
Agree with david99.

If you sell yourself, and not familiar with the items, even with Audiogon Blue Book pricing you will need to determine the condition in order to determine the real value.

Easiest would be to sell to a trustworthy dealer of high end used equipment who would do such an assessment as part of the resale, but you won’t get top dollar with anyone as a middleman. Or someone similar who might help determine condition and associated value from that for a reasonable fee maybe.

I think in any case first step is to determine condition and value reliably somehow.

Ebay with low iniiial bid value will work to get it sold easily for some fair market value based on the information you have and provide.

Also be aware of listing fees, shipping fees including insurance, etc when putting anything large and or valuable up for sale openly.

There are companies that will do proper ebay listings for you as well I believe. Never heard of any doing that for Agon.

The Nefes lists very close to $10,000 new with a 5 year warranty. An active transferable warranty would be a selling point. Contact dealer or manufacturer for information.
Post removed is a great place to value equipment and you don't have to pay a rediculous price to use it