can anyone help my dual 505-2?

need the head shell for my unit or a way to replace factory with aftermarket. thanks
Here is the Canadian info:

DUAL Authorized Parts Centre
All-In-One Electronics
50 Wingold Avenue Contact: Richard Tracy
Toronto, Canada
M6B 1P7

If you cannot find it there, they were at the CES this year, here is the German address:

DUAL Servicestelle
Neanderstrasse 5
D-40699 Erkrath
Phone: 49.211.242474
FAX: 49.211.242834        
US Residents Add 011+ Contact: Otmar Langer

I understand the German address is very slow, so try the other first. Good luck.
hi check out this dual site for service and parts ....

good listening
Also contact in the US.
He may have them in stock.
i need a new belt but i dont know how long it needs to be
Dual belt size