Can anyone help me with some thoughts please?

Hi :-) I'm a bit of an Audiogon newb (1st post) who's mostly lurked over the years :-) I've had a PS Audio GCC-250 for years now driving a two channel setup with two restored Infinity Kappa 9's. Now, due to a move, I'm forced to sort of "combine" my two channel setup with my A/V setup :-( Even though that isn't my first choice, that decision is made. I've acquired a second set of Kappa 9's to restore (I know, talk about overkill :-) and am building a custom made center channel out of a pair of Kappa 6's I need to face the dreaded "amp decision" :-( I REALLY LOVE the GCC-250 and would more than anything like to find a one piece solution, multi-channel version of a digital integrated. However, I cannot get PS Audio's websight to function with my browser and so was wondering if anyone here might have thoughts on any of either their equipment (PS Audio) or other similar stuff from others (Sim Audio, etc.) that might permit me to build a 5 channel combined A/V Surround and music system using all of these Kappas? Any thoughts? Am I an idiot? Crazy? Is it hopeless? I admit that I don't know squat about multi-channel A/V, although I do have a pretty nice SACD setup in two-channel. Thanks in advance for both your time and assistance...I am VERY grateful to anyone who shares their thoughts. THANKS!
You my friend are not crazy. You are on the right path matching your speakers as close as possible. As far as amps go there are many multi-channel amps out there. I'm sure others will chime with some nice recommendations.
Thanks Steuspeed! Specifically, I'm looking for multi-channels that are class D (Since the Kappas really create serious current draw issue when their resistance drops below 1 Ohm) and integrated/all-in-one options as well (primarily due to space...and convenience). Thanks everyone :-)
Hi, It would help to know some kind of price range.
Well, not to sound "out there", but price really isn't one of the most important considerations to me. By way of comparison, the current two channel amp went for around $3500 dollars if that's relvant. I'm not thinking that what I'm after will be cheap. I just don't even know if anyone even MAKES anything like what I'm looking for? Any ideas? Thanks :-)
My thoughts are to keep your present amp for the front left and right and find a 3 channel amp of comparable power to run the center and surrounds.Then find a good surround pre amp and hook em up! You mentioned Sim Audio, I know that they make a surround pre and I believe that they have a 3 channel amp. Just something to think about. Good Luck, and remember to have FUN with this!!!
Hey! After I posted the last message I took a look at the multi channel amps for sale on the GON and saw a PS Audio GCA MC 3 channel amp(250 watts X 3) that just come up! Add it to your currant one and Voila!! instant 5 channel amp.
Thanks...I'll go take a look. Not sure if a 3 channel would be able to meld w/mine since the one I have is an integrated...hmmm In any case, I very much appreciate your thoughts :-)
Slug......Good luck with your project. I use Kappa 9 in my home theater also. I love them. Very power hungry speakers, but if you give them enough muscle, they'll sing beautifully for you.

Talk about crazy, I use a Kappa 9 as my center channel speaker.
Howdy folks, THANKS! for all responses :-) Mitch4t...I'd love to hear about your Kappa 9 experiences...yeah, it is a bit crazy :-D I'm actually going to use individual Kappa 9's as 4 surround speakers! Overkill? Sure, but that's not why I'm doing it. I'm not even an huge surround kind of a guy. But, the K-9's are AMAZING musical/2 channel speakers. I'm sure many will poo-poo them as old world tech. But, mine are pristine-ly restored and the fusion of the old tech speakers with the "new" tech class D amp is AWESOME and should be heard before dismissing (IMO). I never thought I'd find an amp that could do it, but the PS Audio OWNS those kappas...and it's not even their highest power amp! Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, and PLEASE...anyone have any others?
Yeah, about what Racamuti recommended would be fine