Can anyone help me with a speaker problem?I

I got my hands on a pair of Mc,ML2's. Just the box's.I already had the speakers.But I can't find the crossovers.I have a pair for XR5's and SL6's. I'm wondering if I could use one of these pair's and if so how would I wire them? I'm just looking for a temp. tell I can fined the right one's. I'm really stoked to hear these with my C.J's. Any help would be great. Thanks Bill
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Crossovers are the brains of a speaker. They are designed for the specific speaker they reside in. I think it's a bad idea you have in mind but hey,that's just me.
Jaybo and Tpreaves,Thank you for your time. Audio Classic's only has one. I checked there already. The crossover point's I know are going to be differant.What I want to find out is what speakers to wire in serries or in parralal to keep propper resistance.(ohms)PLEASE FORGIVE THE SPELLING!!! Thanks again,Bill