Can anyone help me?Please

Does anyone no anything about these speakers?They are 150 watt loudspeakers model R-40 made by Rich acoustic labs inc out of Dothan Alabama.They are made of heavy oak or something.They say they were made in 1983.They have one 8 inch woofer and a 4 inch rubber nose tweeter.They are floor standing and weigh about 30 lbs each!They measure 22Hx13Wx8D These thing are hooked to my vintage 1978 pioneer amp of 180 watts and they will handle it great.I have not opened the cabinets to see the back of the speaker and tweeter.I don't think Rich Acoustic Labs, Inc. even makes speakers anymore. All i can find is an address for them with no phone or email.
I cannot find any of these speakers anywhere online.....This is the info i found:(Registered Agent)
Howard, Richie D
2401 ROSS CLARK CIRCLE DOTHAN, AL 36301....................As good as these sound and as well as there made and sound they must be worth a good little bit.I got them at a yard sale real cheap and could not believe how well they sound!PICKS>>C:\Users\dewayne\Pictures\rich acou speakers 5.jpg..C:\Users\dewayne\Pictures\rich accoustic speakers.jpg...C:\Users\dewayne\Pictures\rich accoustic speakers 1.jpg....C:\Users\dewayne\Pictures\rich accoustic speakers 2.jpg
"As good as these sound and as well as there made and sound they must be worth a good little bit."

Probably not. There are very few "vintage" speakers that retain any value. Sounds like these were more of a local or regional item.

If they sound good, keep them and enjoy them...
Just for the record, speakers don't have "watts". Rich Acoustic Labs is a brand-name unfamiliar to me but, if you dig em, keep em. I'd venture a guess that the Rich are not going to make you rich. Forgive me.