Can anyone help identify these speakers?

I've had no luck finding info on these speakers, so thought I'd ask here.
The approximate dimensions are: 20 x 8.5 x 8 inches.
Yes, the shape is a pentagon. Each cabinet weighs @ 17#.
The LF drivers are @ 6" diameter.

I've posted a few pictures below:
Name Plate/Logo

Thanks for any help,
well, we know their British.
Great observation Shipo, you saved the day:
Try googling Liberty Acoustics.

They used to have a taller speaker shaped like that.
I like the ad on the "Titanium Super Bullet Tweeter" it does kinda look like a JBL 075.
Could it be a pro stage monitor?
They sure don't look like any Bose speakers I have seen. And why would they have a Union Jack on the front if they were made by Bose?

I'm betting that DeKay is right with the Liberty Acoustics guess, since they have LA on the nameplate...

See this thread and this one. "London Audio System," whose products the threads indicate may sometimes have been sold from white vans.

-- Al
The tweeter is a Pyramid TW18 which can be purchased on Amazon for $18.78.