Can anyone comment on the new Music Hall CD 25.2?

I'm considering a used CD25 or should spend the extra cash on the new CD 25.2? Has anyone had the opportunity to A/B them? Thanks!
Usher has the same player with another name, as does Onix. The CD 88 is the same internal player with another face. I think there is a Onix for $200 in the site were often talk.
Ferrari has been very helpful and he uses the Onix with much success.
I recently bought an Onix XCD-88 (MH CD25) and it's been terrific. When I bought it the guy at AV123 actually steered me away from the XCD-99 (MH 25.2) because the differences were so small as not to be worth the $250 price difference. He said the XCD-88 would be discontinued, just like the MH CD25.

Looking at the AV123 site, it looks like that has happened. The XCD-99 is the only one available, but they dropped the price from $499 to $399. You might want to call them, as I bought my XCD-88 as a B-stock, and it was never listed on their site. They might have B stock of either model available, and they give full warranty on them. Much cheaper than you can buy the Music Hall units.
There's a review at on the CD25.5. While there is similarity between the Music Hall, Onix, Usher and Shandling (look at inside picutres and you'll see they are not exactly alike), the CD25.5 is a step up. The reviewer wasn't exactly enamoured with the CD25.5 but I believe it was due to his set up.