Can any1 help me choose the int amp for my gallo

Recently i bought a gallo ref3 and a local dealer but i dont think to have instock anytime soon. so while i wait i decide to go find a ref3 a amp that match it very well and would keep me happy for a while. but it hard for me to listen to the amp at the dealer without buying it from them. because sometime you can buy the (used) one from audigon sooooo... here are the list of int amp that im looking at 1.)accuphase e407 (used) 2.)mark levinson 383 (used) 3.)jeff rowland concentra2 (used) 4.) musical fidelity a5 (new) 5.) mac 6900. i think the list is kinda long but if any1 could help me narrow it down. i would be so glaD or if you can tell me about another amp that i didnt list. thank you
I would take the Rowland over the Levinson anyday with the Rowland being very musical and the Levinson being grainy and flat in comparison from the several times I heard them. Of course YMMV...
I'll second the Rowland. Also, you may want to add the BAT VK-300SE to your list.
I know this sounds crazy, but you might want to look at one of those Panasonic digital receivers. I have my Gallo Ref 3's hooked up to a sa-xr50 right now, and I'm quite surprised at how good it sounds (coming from a previous owner of Magnepan 3.6's driven by Innersound 800 watt monoblocks...and thanks to another audiogon member who said he was also doing this...).

I've found this reciver provides a wonderful "sanity check" against the hype of more expensive electronics. I'm not going to claim that it sounds BETTER than a levinson/rowland, etc amp...but for less than $300, it gives you a fairly high point of reference against which you can judge other electronics in your system.

BTW, the Gallos sounded amazing with the Innersound amps too...