Can any Oracle experts help me?

Hey there,

I picked up a used Delphi Mark V a few weeks ago and man is the set-up getting to me! I finally managed to properly calibrate the suspension as per instructions and everything seems level and balanced - but I can't seem to get the belt to rest in the middle of the motor pulley. No matter what I do it seems to "want" to move to the bottom of the pulley. I hear some pitch instability - most obvious on piano recordings of course. The manual lists "belt not riding in center of pulley" as a potential reason for pitch instability but does NOT explain what to do about this or how to fix it!

Any insights out there?

Thanks for your help!
You probably need a new belt. Did the previous owner tell you how old it was?
Belt is brand new - bought a maintenance kit. Bearing properly oiled, new springs etc...
You got a lot of guts buying a tt like that without knowing a good set-up person. Best of luck.
If I were in your shoes, I'd call Oracle. I'm sure they've seen this before and can offer some advice.
Where are you located? I can recommend someone in Southern California.
I'm located in Toronto.

I'll probably just call Riendeau at Oracle - send an email but haven't heard back - have read that they can be slow responding to emails but can be very helpful over the phone...
It can be tricky to get the belt to sit right.
I place the belt around the platter then use a finger to put the belt on the pulley, always keeping tension on the belt so it stays put on the platter. Spin the platter by hand a few times to see if it is seated right.
Seems like you need three hands, but with practice it becomes easy.
If the belt slips to the bottom of the pulley, I remove the platter and try again
Do you have an instruction book?
Slow to respond to e-mails? My wall wart (AC-DC adaptor) ceased functioning,I e-mailed to see if they have a replacement.Months have passed,No reply.
I do have the manual and have followed the instructions to a "t". I've tried numerous times to seat the platter and belt but no matter why I do it seem to "want" to ride the bottom of the pulley. I've tried teasing it up with fingers and/or clean chop sticks but it eventually gravitates back to the bottom of the pulley. The top of the pulley is 71mm from the plinth as per instructions. The suspension and levelling seem perfect. Needless to say I'm getting a bit frustrated!

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I do think a phone call to oracle may be in order here...
Jacques has the power supplies for $75 plus shipping. As for the belt riding down, is this when you first put it on? it takes a bit for the platter to settle down into the oil in the bearing. I havent had any problem with my belt riding low, or even putting it on, although it does take some practice to hold the belt and platter as you lower it into the bearing well and then over the pulley.