Can an accepted offer be a lowball offer too?

There's been discussion recently about lowball offers.

Here's my question- if a seller accepts an offer is it out of line to later complain the offer was a lowball offer? 
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If the seller accepted the offer then there is nothing to complain about !
If a seller actually accepts an offer with no conditions attached (a fine but important distinction), but then starts complaining later about accepting that offer as somehow being too low $$-wise in hindsight (... ergo, misguided seller's regret about his own doing.... ) then seller is a moron with nothing to complain about, full stop.
ditto selllers regret does not interest me .we could fill a gig of space listing the things we all wish we hadn't or sold too cheap. I want my tandberg reel to reel back damit.oh that was 25 yrs ago lol

I feel the same way but this has happened to me. I made an offer on something, paid promptly, and received the item which as not in the excellent condition as advertised. I mentioned that and then the "lowball" word came out. As far as I kniw I did not force the seller to accept my offer! Seller's regret no doubt. 

Gosh knows i have been disapointed when i opened up a box and saw what i paid top dollar for .Happens all the time from ebay ..luck of the draw ,thats why trusted sites are best.But if i accept an offer ,how is that being low balled i am not pawning if lol
Yeah well, I didn't understand it either
If seller regretting accepting your offer, see if he will take the Item back. It's best to part with the item now then regret later if you are not pleased with your purchase...even at the cost of shipping out of your pocket. 
Why would I return an item if the SELLER has regrets? 
I agree. 

I bought a pair of speakers for a price that we negotiated to, I received it (he delivered it), I found a ding or two, nothing major.... his response was "well you did get it for a great deal."

My response was that the price we negotiated was for the advertised condition, not for condition plus 2 dings..  
So you buy something and when received, it is not quite as advertised. Yes, and how does all this play out in the field of Feedback?  Neutral? Negative?  Or, bite your tongue... Positive?
Depends on degree of deviation. I once bought an antique radio that was advertised as being in  great shape but the chassis was rusted and the radio was dead. Seller refused to take it back. I was not kind on the feedback. Another time I bought a Nikon lens that was advertised as having clear glass when in fact it was infested with fungus. Seller accused me of trying to return a different lens! Again, I was not kind. These were the only times in perhaps close to 20 years of buying on the net that I felt that I was burned. But if the deviation is not dramatic, I've typically bitten my tongue 
    I bought something here from a popular place i will not say.
I asked numerous times if these were the latest models?
Yes was the response ,I recieved them and they were the previous models from like 8 yrs ago but "new" I pitched a bitch and they returned my money after i shipped it across the border got stuck in customs etc etc. took 3 weeks after i shipped them back to get credited .Ya they got a negative which we battled over. I bought another piece from a member,when i opened it it had some surface scratches on the top .It is in my ht rack and wasnt mega bks so i just shot him a message and said hey its all good but it did have some scratches.he offered a return i said dont sweat it.Another i bought a cover for my tt seller said perfect,when i got it it had minor cracks by the handles,I sent a cple pics he immediatley credited some cash to my paypal .thumbs up ...but if i sell something as described and it arrives fine well we made the deal its my issue if i sold it too cheap
A friend recently bought an integrated amp- spent quite a bit if coin. It was advertised as like  new. He and I were quite surprised at what that seller considered like new. Amp went back, refund issued 
Why would I return an item if the SELLER has regrets?

Because evidently you have regrets too, as the buyer.

I made an offer on something, paid promptly, and received the item which as not in the excellent condition as advertised. I mentioned that and then the "lowball" word came out.

It seems that the seller was not happy with the price, and the buyer was not happy with the stated condition.

Were you trying to renegotiate the sale price after the fact due to your regrets about the condition?
Something different but not too far from the subject. I once bought a piece here, paid for it, received it quickly, condition was as stated, everything worked. Then in a few days I got a message asking me to sell it back to him for the same price. I politely refused. Later in about a month I got another message with the same request. Both messages were short and polite, no explanation was given. This time I decided not to reply. No more messages. He did sound to me like he very much regreted selling it but for whatever reason had to. For some time I felt like sh-t a little bit about this story but then got over it. Still, there is a residue.

"Were you trying to renegotiate the sale price after the fact due to your regrets about the condition?"

In a word, NO

The condition issue was regarding a wooden cabinet, which I was able to correct myself using steel wool and some refinishing products.
If you take a low ball offer its your own fault.I get many jerks that offers less than half of my asking price are they joking?? 
There seem to be two different issues at play here as I read it, first seller regretting selling something too cheaply and I concur that's on the seller for accepting a two low price in the first place. The other issue, receiving something in less than the condition promised is totally different. I will say as a seller I never misrepresent my equipment, however despite that I guess not all people see something the same way. I have twice had instances of sellers mildly complaining, one over an interconnect that looked used, it of course was used, and for not including a original box with an item when i never claimed to have the original box. As a seller who jealously guards his reputation and feedback my first inclination in both instances was to offer to take the item back for a full refund. I would hope in the event of a grossly misrepresented item or a misunderstanding over an items condition the seller would do the right thing and try and work something out with the seller. Low or not an accepted offer is an accepted offer and a valid contract so to speak.
There were two issues but they are related. Once I notified the seller that all was not well, in that he over graded the product, that was when the lowball comment came out, Seller stood by his erroneous grading and would do nothing at all, apparently since he felt that he was lowballed. Frankly, I was taken aback. It's not like I offered 50% of the asking price. It was somewhere about 85% and if I've made an offer, I am serious and I am always prepared to negotiate. Indeed, I now recall another instance when I made an offer on a DAC. I truly thought the seller was on the high side. I made an offer and did the proposed seller tear me a new one for the outrageously insulting offer. Didn't bother with a counter offer, and I found a local guy with the same DAC- we made a deal and I picked it up. With the first guy, we are not talking about your wife or sister so cut the insult stuff. I just don't get why it's so hard for some sellers to politely decline an offer. 

When I sell I'm scrupulous about grading and tend to undergrade. In this internet trading thing, we have buy one thing going for us- a good established reputation. 
And now that I think of it, neither here on audiogon nor on eBay, have I ever once been asked to take something back for any reason, let alone, for being erroneously described, or have ever had a complaint about something not being quite as described. I'm pretty paranoid about accurately describing something. And I truly believe in karma. And I've been trading on line 18 years or so. 
Recently, about two months ago, I was asked to take something back, and I refused. The buyer told me that an amp I shipped him arrived in excellent condition, as advertised. Then, a few days later, he told me that it did not work as well with his speakers as he hoped it would, and asked me if he could return it to me for a refund. I told him that I was not an audio store, and that I do not accept returns due to system synergy issues.
Sheesh, some buyers these days expect it all. They want used prices, but new price services.

Part of this internet trading thing also depends on quality buyers.  Yes, there are some rude and shady sellers. However, there are also some rude and shady buyers. The water is full of sharks, sellers and buyers beware.
I've never been asked to take something back but I have preemptively offered at the inkling someone might be dissatisfied was what I was trying to say. Both times i offered the buyer elected to keep the item in question.
Yeah, buying used on Audiogon is not for everyone, especially if you are not quite sure about how it would work in your system. In any case, if despite your best educated guess you make a mistake and got the wrong piece, just be prepared to sell it and maybe lose some cash in the process, but maybe not. I bought couple of wrong inexpensive pieces in the past here, put them on sale next day, sold in a few days , didn't lose anything on one piece, lost $100 on another. But I never bought or sold really expensive items.
Besides, people are spoiled by ebay where in many cases there is a possibilty of a return, and paypal is usually on the side of the buyer. But with electronics I often see no return policy there as well.
I had an interesting incident. Seller offered item and said first person to pay full price would get it sent to the 2 day shipping. I offered full price within minutes of posting but no response. 2 days later I was informed the item was sold. I complained to agon but no response .