Can all power cords be classified as 1 of 2 types?

I've tried lots of cords over the years, and it always seems like a cord has either solid/controlled/transparent/grounded bass OR smooth/liquid highs but not both.

When a cord is has that high-quality rock-solid detailed open bass, the highs are often a compromise, maybe a bit brittle or stinging.

When a cord resolves the highs so that they never make me wince but still seem not to be rolled off, the bass sounds a bit muddy or opaque.

I've tried a number of cords in many price categories that leave me saying that the bass OR the highs are just right (or even perfect), but they always let me down at the other end of the spectrum.

(Sorry for all the adjectives here.)
In the end, the cords I end up using compromise a bit on both ends of the spectrum, but none of the ones I try do it all.
Yes, good and bad. Seriously, I have found that mine sound different in different applications. You would expect this as the sound you hear is due to the interaction of two sets of electrical parameters, the cord and the component, and they will vary in every case. In a blind listening test HIFICRITIC did cords that were good for amps were not good for CD players and vice versa. So I have an assortment of quite good cables and use them where they sound best. I admit that I have not explored the $1000+ range of PCs, perhaps there is a price above which PCs do everything well;I doubt it myself.
Hey Stan, thanks for that reply; it pretty much says it all. Basically, it is a struggle with too many independent variables to make choosing things easy.
Somehow, things seemed easier back in the 70's using lamp cord and the captive ICs and power cords on things like my AR turntable :). But if I listened to my old system now, I'd probably not be too happy.

By the way, your instinct is correct, and a lot of megabuck cords have the flaws I mentioned at the top of this thread.
I use a Furman REF20i to make the top great, and a Pangea cord from the Furman to the amp for the lows.
Basically what I do is use a cord "type 1" with "type 2" in the same system, and one works well with the other depending on what component you have them on.
Alot of cable swaps (the ones you already have) will show you the way.

I have VH Flavor 1 on CDP, Flavor 4 on amp, and XLO on pre.
Gold FI-25 on all ends of the VH's, and FI-11 silver on the XLO w/FI-11 copper male.

The XLO alone with the silver IEC sounds alittle bright, but when played off the VH's on the other components it sounds excellent IMHO.
PS Audio AC10 or AC12 most balanced cable top to bottom I've heard no compromises in bass, mid or treble. Truly does it all!best of all worlds.
Rgs92, You are absolutely correct. I have been listening to a good number of PCs (up to $6000 retail), and there is always a compromise or two somewhere. What's worse, is that PCs can negate some of the desirable attributes of other components. I now believe that a conventional PC cannot get it all right, including:

1) Deep, defined, appropriate bass.
2) Clear and robust midrange with proper decay and no grain.
3) Open, extended, clean top end that seems to go forever.
4) A sense of forward propulsion and energy.
5) A huge and deep soundstage with no sharp edges.
6) Proper balance and a natural presentation, so nothing sticks out.
7) No haze, so it seems like you are sitting in front of the performance.

I currently have a prototype PC from a new company, that uses very unique technology. It is as close to getting 1-7 correct as I have heard. The benefit exceeds that of changing a component. The final version is currently in production, and I should have it within about 2 weeks. Anyone looking for the ultimate PC should wait a little longer. I am not convinced that there is an acceptable PC on the market currently.
Interesting stuff RTN1, and thanks for the other replies, too. I didn't want to bring the whole area of power conditioners into this discussion as that is a whole other pandora's box.
I have never found a PC that does enough right to justify the expense, especially on my Mac 501 amps. I find certain areas can be improved or enhanced, but in every case I lose that organic feel I get with the Mac's. I recently began using Wywires Juice cords on my amps and phono pre and they improve everything but the amps retain that wonderful organic quality Mac amps deliver. I was pleasantly surprised and they are reasonably priced at around $300. They also aren't the size of an anaconda - pulling out of the wall and components off the rack!
Hey Pops, I know the feeling. Some of these power cord makers seem to think you will arrange everything around their cords.
Pops you are spot on. Did you ever wonder why a manufacturer of a 20,000 dollar amp uses a stock cord. Don't you think they would produce a cord and add that to the sale to optimize the sound. Bottom line is keep it simple and inexpensive.