Can all headphones handle HIGH Volume levels?

Question....I LOVE listening to my music (Rock, Blues, & Jazz) at fairly LOUD listening levels. Am I at risk of damaging my "cans"? Currently I have the Grado 225s.
Also, I'm a BASS freak! I get somewhat frustrated that my headphones do not deliver....any suggestions on other brands that might be better suited for my tastes?
Thanks for the input!
Hi Snap309. Try Sennheiser if you want to maintain the other audiophile qualities...quality manufacturing, very comfortable, lightweight and seriously good sound. If you just want bass, i hear good things about the Dr. Dres-endorsed Beat headphones...but could not imagine they will satisfy on the other audiophile qualities.
Sennheiser HD6550 + a good headphone amp. really good bass
Denon AH-D2000 for a little more oomph in the nether regions.
I agree with Lloydlee21. Get a pair of Sennheisers. Specifically the HD580 to HD650 line. I have the HD580s and bass wise I love them for when I listen to Hip-Hop and Electronic music. I had the HD580s mated with a Schiit Audio Valhalla. I've read the HD-650 is a great match with the Valhalla.

Good luck with your search.
You are at risk at damaging your hearing. Be careful
I could not agree more emphatically with Ahendler. Listening to headphones at high volume levels can PERMANENTLY destroy your hearing. Be very cautious (seriously).
Try reversing the bowl pads on your sr225 - it's a bit of an awkward fit but it does tame the brightness and hence bring out proportionally more bass.

If you like that, you can get even more bass by going to and buying his flat pads for IIRC $20-30 (if he still has them; it's been several years for me). Unfortunately I don't feel the sr225 holds up too well to this treatment; the sound gets too mushy and dark with flats. The sr-325, rs-2 and rs-1 are much better with the flats; in fact I hated the stock bowls.

If you want to try the Sennheisers, then the HD650 has more powerful bass than the 580/600. Really nice cans, and far from bright. Find an old Zu Mobius cable to pair with and you've got an audiophile classic (I didn't like any other cable - e.g. Cardas, Stefan AA, Silver/Blue Dragon - nearly as much). I didn't like the HD800 that much when I briefly heard them; they're more analytical/sterile/etched, maybe even a bit bright.

Want to perceive even more bass from the HD650? Pair it with the right OTL tube amp (high output impedance) - the impedance curve of the HD650 when combined with such an amp, will effectively boost the bass without EQ circuitry - the cans can sound great this way too. Even the HD650 can sound a bit dry, sterile and "over-damped" in bass if paired with the wrong low output-impedance/high-feedback SS amp.

And finally - under normal conditions (i.e. barring an electronic catastrophe) you will permanently damage your hearing WAY before your headphones feel the slightest bit of strain. If your ears aren't ringing LOUDLY after a listen - then at least you know your headphones will be OK (same cannot be said for your ears). At least, that holds true for a consistent quality product like Sennheisers...maybe not so much for the small company that rhymes with "Play-Doh". Look up the infamous "grattle".

OR just drop ALL audiophile pretensions and get something like the Beats...I hear they've got lots of bass!
Have to say the idea of really loud listening via earphone IS going to seriously damage your hearing.
Not so much a matter of 'if' rather how bad, and how soon?
You'l be noticing it within a few years for certain, and once you do, it will be way too late.
Not to mention the likelyhood of getting tinnitus: which is a constant high pitched whine in your ears. It is really even worse than the deafness. Only a fool would 'sign up' for the Permanent Hell it represents.
The Sennheiser Pro HD 25-1-II are a great choice - extremely dynamic and can play at 120 db SPL. However, beware that you may find other headphones sound lifeless once you have tried them.
Be smart. You have to use your ears for the rest of your life...listen to the advice about protecting them.
Yet another voice for sane volumes. At best, tinnitus is permanent irritant, and decreased hearing acuity -- to say nothing of impairment -- sucks. Blast phones (or speakers) and you'll pay a piper (that you won't even be able to hear very well) sooner or later. Trust us on this. Seriously. Wish I'd listened to my old man, and I'm pretty lucky.

Be well,

There seems to be a ton of those newer Monster Beats headphones on sale(used maybe)at a fraction of the price. They're supposed to be good at pounding bass.

I haven't heard them, and don't plan to. I'm in the save your ears group! I use Sennheiser at real low volumes, and I'm happy, and also want to stay that way.

Are you going to be cool looking and happy with hearing aids in the future from doing this? Everyone one will get tired of trying to talk to you after you damage your ears. It happens everyday.
Well...Thank you everyone for your HONEST veiwpoints and suggestions! I am just trying to come up with a few options to enjoy "rockin' out" at home (without speakers cranking)so my wife doesn't keep screaming...."TURN THAT CRAP DOWN!" :)
But, as many advised, I WILL keep in mind that I protect my eardrums before I lose THOSE!
You hear? Dre sold 50% of the Beats company he co-founded for USD250M to an Asian company. impressive.
Lloydelee21- WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY???? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!
Good stuff Swampwalker.

Good for Dr. Dre. I've always liked his production techniques and his collaborations with various musicians. He never came off as a tool to me.

I swear though all I see around me are Beats headphones or ear buds. Pretty much everyone from all walks of life has a set of beats headphones. At sports press conferences after games there are athletes wearing customized Beats headphones. In music videos they are strategically placed. I even think on AM radio shows they were mentioned. It is just everywhere. I sometimes do catch an occasional sighting of AKG, Sennheiser, and B&W headphone users walking around or sitting on public transportation. Very rare but it does happen.
I doubt the quality on the Beats improves...they're just marketing, no SQ.
Hi guys! What are the price range for the Dr Dre Beats? Do you really feel they produce the same quality level as the other headphones? OR- are they just a new marketed headphones for the "younger generation" to blow out their brains with? I don't want to waste my $ on commercial crap!

I gave you a good headphone. Dr Dre Beats are crap if you want good audio quality.

Being a bass freak you will be able to hear bass player very clearly and cleanly with the pro Seinnheiser. They are used by sportscasters as well as DJ as well sound crews at concerts. The cup reduces external sounds by 17 dB so you can hear details without turning it up to crazy levels. If you like crazy levels then the Sennheiser pro 25 go to 120 dB...that is not quite as loud as standing beside a jet plane but it is about as loud as one can stand and will cause hearing damage if played continuously at these levels for more than half n hour.

Since they work at rock concerts then I think you'll find they work for you. The sound is accurate right the way up to these ridiculous levels - so you get balanced sound that pros use to make adjustments to the mix.
I've had tinnitus since going to a rock concert in 1982. My excitement over the great seats (12th row center floor) soon gave way to depression as my ears felt plugged for 3 or 4 days afterwards. When the plugged feeling finally subsided, I had tinnitus. I've listened to the constant ringing in my ears everyday since.

There's really no cure and it never goes away. And like Elizabeth said, by the time you're aware of a problem, it's too late, the damage is done.
Bass freak? get JVC DX1000s. High end and loads of good bass.