Can ADS C2000 X-over be modified for L1590 spkrs?

Does anyone out there know what the modifications are to make the ADS C2000 Biamp X-over work on the L1590's? This x-over was originally set-up for the ADS L1230/1530/2030, but could be modified to work on the L1590's; I believe two capicators had to be removed, and the program switches on the back were to be activated, but can't remember the positions. ADS is absolutely no help now, all people who knew about this are gone. Help!
Check with Mike Kelly at Aerial - Those speakers date from his reign there @ ADS. Good luck. L1590s - probably the best floor stander they made, at least in my experience. (had L1290s for a long while)

LOL, I wish I had your answer. Mike Kelly may know.
You don't want to know, but I have L1590's with the biamp modules...they are wonderful in my home office. Listening to DeBussy's LaMer as I write this. Good luck and happy listening.

the PA1 Biamp modules are a nice addition. They come up from time to time on Ebay or here on Agon... I think they fit L1290s and L1590s, but not sure. In some ways the L1290 and L1590 are basically poor-man's-Aerials. The philosophy is similar (no surprise there). By the time they got to the M-series stuff, Mike was out of the picture I think. (had left to start Aerial)

I'm also trying to biamp my L1590's. I've been fortunate enough to locate a set of PA1's. Does anyone have the manuals for these amps?
For anybody alive, ADS gave specific instructions to me about 26 years ago for the L1590 and C-2000. Remove c38 and c39 (size about 6/16 x 7/16 x 2/16 inch, color redish brown, marked ".1k 50/100"). The cross over selector is set to prog. and the crossover program switches in the back are set so each switch (the little circular hole in each switch) is at the bottom position. Before the removal described, this configuration provides the 300 Hz crossover and 0.68 filter Q. There are 15 other combinations of switch settings possible. If this is relevant to you, I would appreciate your response
I don't know about the C2000's, but the PA-1's can be modified and those instructions are on the inside of the plastic housing. The modification involves disconnecting a specific transistor or capacitor and connecting another. Let me know if you want more details.
Yes, the thread is old. So what. good informations lasts an ETERNITY.
Here is what Michael Kelly says about the ads c-2000 crossover mod TODAY, just this morning (to my displeasure) >:
I am sorry, but I don't have any documentation on these old ADS products. I certainly don't remember any of the details you are asking about. I am afraid I can't help you.
Good luck.

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