Can AC Outlets really make a difference?

I have high quality reference power cords and line conditioner. Will a high end ac outlet really makes a difference? Any recommendations? Thank you.
Yes, and 10 gauge dedicated circuits will make a difference also.
Porter ports from Albert Porter of Porterhouse Audio is a good start, if you want a bigger difference get FURUTECH GTX, but they are about 4 times the price. Happy Listening!
Yes the outlet matters. And the outlet box, and cover. Also the wire coming into the outlet box, and how it gets there. One straight continuous run sounds better than wired outlet to outlet with lights and stuff all on the same circuit like most homes.  

Also the power cord, how it gets to the amp or whatever. If it goes across the floor then it will sound better raised up off the floor. Oh gosh this is getting tiresome, hopefully by now you get the point, everything really makes a difference. Why the heck you think my system looks like this?
I'll second the above 100% , I'm currently burning in a Furutech GTX NCF (R)  Prior to was the PS Audio Premier and AQ Edison . Each has a different signature but I'm really liking what I'm getting from the Furutech those far. So 10awg dedicated 20amp line and shot for the top.
Another resounding yes. I use PS Audio power ports currently, and rewired most of that circuit with higher grade sockets. Even that made a difference, and my household power sucks. Considering a dedicated line as well. 100% convinced it makes a difference. Will probably kick the receptacle install up to full ++ audio grade.
Ditched my SR outlets for Cruze First. Both were better than hospital grade, but I thought the Cruze much more to my tastes. Cruze was much less expensive if memory serves.
Here's another vote for the Cruze First Maestro outlet. Something else that might matter to you is that some high end outlets are cryo treated which, you may or may not like the effect of cryo.
The best solution is to get the power company to install a dedicated line from the power station to your system.
Not at all, it is just that the people silly enough to spend money on that junk are not willing to admit it. It is all a serious joke taking advantage of people who do not know any better.
Using the Maestro by Cruze First and Synergistic Blue.

I"ve owned by the following: FIM, Shunyata, PS Audio, Porter Ports, several hospital grades.
What do you care if we waste our money? Difference may be that we have actually tried different outlets while others on this forum have not. 
You can educate ignorance (IF it isn’t willful) and you can medicate crazy, but; you can’t fix stupid.     Any pearls offered will be stomped into the slop of the Naysayers’ sty.     Save your keystrokes!
You are probably correct. I dont know why people cant understand that any improvement you can make at any point in the power chain would pay dividends. Further, others dont like to admit that the better the system the more audible some tweaks become.