Can a Toslink be changed to Coax , BNC

Can a Toslink be changed to Coax , BNC , or AES/balanced? I have a Sony CDP CX225 CD changer with only digital toslink out. I found a nice deal on a DAC that only accepts Coax, BNC, and AES/bal. I know the CD player isn't that great but it's only until the new "universal transports" are readily available. Any suggestions would be mucjh appreciated.

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Hi Gp....; I also looked into changing Toslink out to coax out; Turns out it either can't be done or would be prohibitively expensive. I solved the problem by purchasing an inexpensive but good DAC that had a Toslink in connection-- an Adcom 700 for about $300.,(check the ads on i-net audio sites) and the Adcom 600 can be had for less and is also good. In fact most inexpensive DACs have a Toslink connection, eg MSB, Musical Fidelity, Adcom etc. I'm totally satisfied with the Adcom. Another way to go is to purchase a jitter reduction device-- these almost always have both Tos. and Coax in and Coax out, plus you get the advantage of jitter reduction. Of course it does require another cable. Sonic Frontiers UJB, Theta TLC, Monarchy DIP etc are all good jitter busters. I have both the SF UJB and Theta TLC and highly recommend either. I think the DIP, available through Audio Advisor for about $200. is also supposed to be quite good. Good Luck.