Can a Sumiko BPS be retipped at a reasonable cost.

The stylus broke.
gabe: nope. it's the audio equivelant of the disposable razor. -kelly
Cornfedboy is right! Try a Grado Platinum or Sonata, though NOT on a Linn table (hum problem).
I think that it was Cory Greenberg that "solved" the Grado hum problem on the Linn's. I'm sure that digging through some old Stereophile's will turn up the exact solution. I think it was simply a matter of adding some shielding above the motor and all was taken care of. Sean
Get a BEnz high output cartridge. Retipping is very reasonable. It's painless to upgrade. They sound great.
Gabe, there was a thread a while back called the BPS club (or something) that may have info. I retipped a BPS 3 times (OK, OK, joke's over:>)) at V D Hul for $~80/time. But this was in Europe.

Good luck!