Can a solid state integrated amp pair well with Focal 1038Be?

I know that PrimaLuna is advertised as the "go to" to pair with the Focals... Some folks maintain the beryllium tweeters in Focals need to be reined in...Can a solid state integrated warm that top end? If so, any recommendations new or used under $5K?
mid to higher hegel luxman or even upper naim should work well too

smooth natural solid state won’t excite the tweeter too much
Some of the Class A amps mentioned are very good I had the ATC SIA2 for a while and it is a very good amp. Depending on the amount of inputs you need look into the Digital Amplifier Companies (DAC) offerings. I'm currently using the 2 Cherry with their DAC DAC2 HSV (the combo fits in your budget) on my Charney Audio horns with superb results. Very smooth non-fatiguing detail in the highs, engaging mids, and deep controlled bass.  A very well balanced presentation. DAC offers a 30 day return policy, so you can do an in home demo and only be out the shipping both ways.

Hope you find what your searching for.
Yes for sure the Marantz KI ruby integrsted amp is a tour de force 
this sounds like a good hybrid integrated tubes,a Solid state but in fact The late great Ken Isawada last effort , it uses a dual mono Ncore amplifiers All a Copper isolation from there tons of custom Analog outputs class A preamp section ,microprocessor controlled out of the signal path 
100wpc 8 ohms actually 165, and 270 into 4 ohms tons of control and dynamics $4 k and can be bought for under $3500