Can a single LFE output be split to L/R sub inputs

My Onkyo TX SR606 reciever has only an LFE preamp output, no other subwoofer connections. I’m on a budget and am looking for used subs. Most that I see in my price range have multiple connections on the back, either speaker level or line level, but none yet I’ve seen with and LFE jack.

Can I take a single to dual RCA adapter and use that from the receiver LFE jack to the subs line level left and right jacks? Or do I have to get a sub with a specified LFE jack?
Yes. many LFE inputs are one of the two stereo ones... usually the left ch.

Keep in mind though, splitting up & out a single mono signal into two ch. isn't going to help much in the end.

Coming out of my HT receiver with only one LFE output, I went ahead and put a Y there and ran a pair of RCA cables to my sub... nothing to write home about there... so now i JUST USE ONE SIDE OF THE rca PAIR... WORKS FINE.

My 2CH preamp is another story.
some subs allow you to "daisy chain" two subs together with one LFE output from a preamp. The first sub is the master and the second is the slave.

This would be your best option
Many subs offer an input and output (pass thru).If they offer only the LFE,then a "Y" jack is in order.I use two subs for my LFE and "daisy chain" them.This gives more uniform bass distribution.
I was just looking online at a velodyne manual and it showed the LFE going into the left line input.

I spoke w/ Vandersteen yesterday and he said my existing 2w would not work w/ my HT receiver. It is bi wired w/ an external crossover and requires a preamp. So I'm looking to sell/trade that for something smaller with the appropriate inputs.