Can a Scoutmaster use the VPI Rim Drive

VPI's site seems to indicate not, but the wording on some online site's make me think it can. Does anyone know for sure?

Also: if I switch to Super Platter, will it change my overhang (i.e. force me to re-setup cartridge with MintTractor) or just the VTA?

Thanks in advance.
VPI tables with 2 motor drive will accomodate the rim drive modification. VPI is still working on the single motor adaptation...I understand it is near conclusion. The super platter does not have an effect on overhang.
Thanks, Stringreen.
I had the same question and spoke with Sheila at VPI who told me that there are no current plans to develop a RIM drive for the Scoutmaster.
Madfloyd: if you switch to super platter you can use your actual platter/bearing as a rim drive thread powered. Have a look at "my system". The sound benefit is much better than single belt drive. You can try this mod with no other expense than the Super platter wich is a very worthwile upgrade by itself. In your case you have to find a heavy support for the rim bearing...