Can a Receiver do the work of 3 Adcom Products??

I have used Adcom:
1) GTP-400 tuner/preamp
2) GFA-555II 200 watt amp
3) GSP-560 3 channel surround amp

for years. I want to swap all that for 1 receiver. Can i get the same quality in a $700-1,000 dollar AV receiver - or do i have to go expensive (ADCOM).
Those components i listed above are 20 years old - although they work fine. Should I stick with what i have or can i get same quality in a single box?
Edit - My pre-amp is a GTP-500II, and Speakers are Aerial 5's

A used Denon 5800 would tear up your Adcom separates. I have seen this Denon sell on A'gon for $800 and bought one as a gift. I could not believe the sonic performance! As an owner of old Adcom separates, I know they are not even close to this Denon. And when you imagine the need for no ICs here, it is an even better value.
Take a look at the new 80w/ch Onkyo Class D integrated. It has received a lot of kudos and can be had new for under $500 I believe.