can a RCA switch box be made for 2 pre amps?

Is it possible to buy or make a small RCA switch box so I can choose to use my tube pre for music and also my SS theater processor when watching tv/movies? I would really just need to be able to route the 2 sources into one hopefully small box and switch desired sources, I am on a fixed income so cheap options are a plus, I need this because of a disability wich makes it hard to manually swith wires and as of now I route the tube through a multi channel bypass on the theater pro, wich probably degrades the better tube signal. thanks
Of course, the better route would be to route the L/R outputs of the processor through a HT bypass on the tube preamp but, if that is impossible, a simple input switch would work.

2 pairs of RCA inputs, one pair of RCA outputs and a 2pole/2throw switch (switches the HOT from each while leaving all the grounds connected). I would suggest a shorting switch if you ever want to use it with the power amp on.

You might even consider a 4pole/2throw shorting switch (switches HOTs and grounds) to completely isolate the two preamps.

Radio Shack and Parts Express sell A/V switchboxes for under $30, but my experience with the Radio Shack unit is that it is unacceptable for both quality audio and video. Ditto the Switchcraft rotary unit. You can build your own that would be much better. Or you can use the PS Audio preamps as switchboxes (do you still have the 4.5? or 5.0?). Plug your other two preamps into separate inputs on the PS Audio and connect the PS Audio tape output to your amplifier, then use the tape out/rec out switch on the front of the PS Audio to switch between the Sonic Frontiers and the Rotel.