can a power regen. eliminate ground loop hum etc?

hi all. i have 2 dedicated ac lines, one audio, one video. i am, however experiencing a somewhat nasty hum/buzz when my cable coax is connected to the system. i have tried lifting the grounds and plugging the amp into different outlets. the noise just gets worse.i also have the rolling bars up the tv screen. i was under the impression dedicated lines would solve this anyway. so, i now think i am in need of a power regenerator. are they capable of fixing such issues. the hum/buzz is always present but much much softer when the cable tv is not connected. any suggestions for particular products or manufacturers would be appreciated. thanks, d.
First check to make sure the incoming cable service is properly grounded to the electrical ground (water pipe or ground rod) of your house's power service. Call the cable company or an electrician if you're not sure how or what you need to look for. What you describe sounds like this may be the problem. It is also possible your electrical service may not be grounded properly.
Sounds like you need a ground loop isolator for your cable. Mondial makes the one I use (about $100). Parts Express has others.
I had this same problem. Here are the two parts you need, total cost $11:

Connect the cable coax wire to the transformer/splitter.
Connect the wires from the transformer/splitter to the 75-ohm coax combiner/splitter.
Connect the 75-ohm coax combiner/spltter to the input on your TV.
This was done for me by the cable TV guy. Worked like a charm. Why? I don't know. I guess it breaks the ground loop.
His question is: can a power regen. eliminate ground loop hum etc?

So, can it????
Ncarv is correct. This was suggested to me by Paul McGowen
at PS Audio and it works to eliminate the ground loop and hummmm. Good luck.
Who knows, maybe yes, maybe no in his system. It`s an expensive approach that`s unneccessary.
thanks all. i am addressing the issue in a few different ways. i have found where my cable t.v. coax is grounded and it is to my electrical box outside my house which is next to the cable companies box! i can't imagine that is good. so, i will have them remove it and ground somewhere else, preferably the same location as the electrical ground(i think is correct). i also know about the product by jensen suggested by sounds good too. but the buzz/hum is evident, though softer, even when the cable coax isn't connected which lead me to think i may need to begin shopping for some true power conitioning. i dunoo, maybe just looking for an excuse to buy a toy??? :) but buying o A'gon one must be prepared to pounce when opportunity arises so i was looking at all avenues. i am running a quantum symphony for power purification but was thinking of adding something from richard grey at this new listening room. thanks again for the suggestions, any more would be greatly appreciated...d.
A power conditioner will usually (by itself) NOT REMOVE A GROUND LOOP HUM!)
The problem is IN the sytems wires and connections.