Can a Pioneer SC-25 reciever be used as a pwr amp

I am wondering if I can use my Pioneer SC-25 as a power amp to a Sherbourn PT-7030 AV Preamp/ Processor, until I can afford a new amp to go with it?
Looking at a picture of the back panel, it does not appear that there are main amp inputs so the answer is not really.
Absolutely. This receiver is almost identical to the SC-27 I have been using for 3 years. It has a set of 7.1 inputs called "multi-channel in" as seen on page 20, box 19 of the manual on-line from Pioneers's US website. After plugging everything in from your Sherburn, set the SC-25 to select the multi-channel input from the remote. I used it this way for a while to continue to use a classic Denon 5.1 pre/pro until I got some more speakers to go 7 channel.

Pioneer Sc-25/27 manual: